Day 2 Fibro Movement Fix

Day 2 Fibro Movement Fix

Survival Guide “I can barely move!”

Yesterday we kicked things off with starting some therapeutic stretching that can help you decrease pain and stiffness and to be more functional throughout the day. 

Today I want to address what to do when we have a flare up or on days we can barely move.  The reality is, with fibromyalgia, there are days we will flare up and we will have a hard time moving… that includes doing any sort of stretching.   

On these types of days, I like to take warm aromatherapy baths.  If you have a heating pad or blankets that you can place over the most painful areas, those can help as well. You can also try a short sunbath if the weather permits. Sitting outdoors and practicing your deep breathing under the sun will have relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects that can also increase your energy. 

For today…

Practice those stretches from yesterday.  You can follow along with the video or use your PDF to guide you.  


CLICK HERE for the stretching video

If you’re purchased the Fibro Movement Fix, I’ve included a bonus Hand Treatment video.  It’s not too late to get it.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!

Head over to our Facebook group and share with us how today’s therapeutic movement went.  Did you try the bonus hand treatment? 

I’ll be LIVE in the Facebook group tonight to share Strategies for Increasing Physical Movement. Look for the live streaming video at  7pm EST. Can’t be there? The replay will be available to watch afterwards.



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