Do you struggle with autoimmune and want to get a handle on your flare ups?

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Tuesday, June 22nd
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Are you currently battling fibromyalgia or autoimmune and feel like you are always moving one step forward and two steps back due to flare-ups? You are not alone AND there is a solution. I am here to offer you a solution – just 5 SIMPLE steps – a game plan to help you stop those flare-ups in their tracks!


If you want to nourish your body and get back to living a life in balance – unhindered by endless flare-ups – you need my workshop: The Savvy Girl’s Game Plan for Autoimmune Flares


The workshop will help you notice the symptoms of your flare before it’s too late, understand the triggers causing your flare-ups, what NOT to do when you have a flare-up and give you the game plan you need to put into action to stop them before they start!!


The Savvy Girl’s Game Plan for Autoimmune Flares

Tuesday, June 8th @9 pm EST

Meet Tiffany

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and several other autoimmune diseases after several months of being miserable. I had chronic pain all over my body, daily migraines, I was tired all the time, and I just felt like I couldn’t function.⠀

I saw several doctors and specialists and no one could give me answers. I felt like I was crazy and I was desperate to feel better. Even after an official diagnosis, that didn’t change. I was still floundering for answers on anything I could do to feel better. I just wanted to feel like a normal person again. ⠀

I think we all know how frustrating it can be to feel like we have tried everything and still don’t get results.⠀

Can you relate to my story? Maybe you just want solid answers on exactly what’s going on with your health. You want to know what to do to make it stop so you can feel better.⠀

Maybe like me, you’ve been told to follow certain steps to get better but it’s not working. ⠀

I want to invite you to my free online masterclass!


During this Workshop We’re Going To…

  • Identify what an autoimmune flare up is and what some of the common triggers are.

  • We’ll talk about the 7 common mistakes we make when we are having a flare up and what to do instead. 

  • And finally I will share with you my 5 Step Game Plan for helping you reduce your frequency and duration of your flare ups. 


Plus I'm Including An Amazing Bonus

Savvy Girls Autoimmune Flare Kit

The Autoimmune Journal

This journal walks you through the The 5-Step Game Plan for Autoimmune Flares and how to track your symptoms and flares.  Sometimes we have a hard time identifying what’s causing our flare ups and knowing what to track to figure it out.  This journal will walk you through exactly how to do it so you can identify your triggers and start to get those flare ups under control.

(a $47 value)


8 Ways To Manifest Wellness

The mindset we have plays a huge role in our health, our beliefs about our conditions, and what we are able to achieve. This can be one of the biggest barriers we need to overcome when you have a chronic illness. How do you go about changing your mindset? It will happen in baby steps every day and this guide will help you get there.

(a $47 value)


The 5-Day Yoga Rest Challenge

There have been numerous research article that have shown how yoga can help improve pain, fatigue, mood, and sleep with people with chronic health issues like fibromyalgia and autoimmune. This 5-day challenge walks you through how to get started doing yoga at home. It incorporates a form of yoga that’s slow-moving, incorporates breathing exercises, and it can be done from home. Yoga is great for stretching tense muscles, encouraging blood flow around th body, and reducing stress.

(a $97 value)

Follow Up Consultation

It’s not always easy to figure out what’s causing you to flare up and what all those triggers are. So you might need a little expert help and strategies. During this 45 minute consultation, we will find what’s really causing your symptoms so that you can have less flare ups. I’m going to show you some strategies specific to YOU so that you can reduce your symptoms. And together we’ll create a next step action plan that’s simple and doable so that you can start incorporating habits into your day that will help you alleviate your symptoms and flare ups.

(usually $197)

What Are You Waiting For?

Let Me Help You Gain Back Control Of Your Life!

Autoimmune Workshop-$19.95*

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