A 5-Step Game Plan

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Hosted By: Tiffany DeLuisi
Wednesday, May 15th at 7pm EST


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During this Workshop You’ll Learn…

✅The 7 most common triggers that cause 90% of flare ups (most of my clients are surprised when they hear what they are)

✅5 mistakes people make when having a flare up that are actually making things worse 

✅How to notice early symptoms of of a flare up and what do do about it before it’s too late.

✅And finally I will share with you my 5 Step Game Plan for helping you reduce your frequency and duration of your flare ups. 




When you show up live, I’m gifting you something from my personal vault.

I’ll be giving out my Autoimmune Journal so you can track symptoms and flares



Meet Tiffany

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases including fibromyalgia.  after several months of being miserable. Prior to my diagnosis, I was experiencing chronic pain, migraines, and fatigue for years and had no idea why. ⠀

I saw several doctors and specialists and no one could give me answers. I felt like I was crazy and I was desperate to feel better. Even after an official diagnosis, I was still floundering for answers on anything I could do to feel better. I just wanted to feel like a normal person again. ⠀

I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’ve tried everything and still don’t get results.⠀

Can you relate to my story? Maybe you just want solid answers on exactly what’s going on with your health. You want to know what to do to make it stop so you can feel better.⠀

Maybe like me, you’ve been told to follow certain steps to get better but it’s not working. ⠀

Join my free workshop so we can get you feeling better.

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