Day 1 Fibro Movement Fix

Day 1 Fibro Movement Fix

Over the next 5 days my goal is to help you learn therapeutic movement for fibromyalgia that helps you gain strength and increased physical capacity so that you can thrive in your everyday life! 

And to start us off…

What is Therapeutic Movement?

Low impact therapeutic movement is beneficial for people with fibromyalgia.  It combines mind-body healing practices–including breathing, relaxation, movement (swimming, biking, yoga), and meditation–so that you will be able to change your experience with pain.  This may not cure your pain, but it will help you survive it.  Therapeutic movement can help you reclaim your life by giving you back a sense of comfort and control over your mind and body, whether or not the pain ever fully goes away.

This week, we’ll be focusing on therapeutic stretching designed to break up that tight fascia in the body.  You’ll want to start each day with these stretches.  Most of the stretches that I gave you as part of this program can be done in the comfort of your own bed. Stretching first thing in the morning is actually a great way to decrease pain and stiffness and to be more functional throughout the day.   

For today…

Download Fibromyalgia Movement Challenge PDF!

Do the stretches lined out in the PDF or watch this video and follow along:


Why Therapeutic Movement is the Key to Reducing Fibromyalgia Pain



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