Day 3 Fibro Movement Fix

Day 3 Fibro Movement Fix

So far, we’ve talked about the importance of therapeutic movement in order to reduce pain and how using something as simple as a ball can do wonders at relieving hand, wrist, and even neck pain.  Today, we’re going to focus on your feet!

Hands and feet have a lot in common. They both have thousands of proprioception and sensory nerve endings in an abundance of joints. There are also structural similarities between the hands and the feet, so it makes sense that applying some of the same exercises we did with our hands to our feet can help reduce pain in the body. 

Today, I want you to start with your daily stretches. 

I added another bonus video for those of you who purchased the Fibro Movement Fix where I’m going to show you a soft ball foot treatment.

Head over to our Facebook group and tell us that you completed today’s stretches and let us know if you tried the foot treatment. 

I’ll be LIVE in the Facebook group tonight to share Best Practice for Safe, Injury-Free Progress . Look for the live streaming video at  7pm EST. Can’t be there? The replay will be available to watch afterwards.

p.s. Therapeutic Movement is just ONE of the foundations of healing fibromyalgia.  To learn more about how to reduce pain and increase your energy with fibromyalgia, schedule your complementary Fibro Breakthrough Session.  CLICK HERE to schedule your call!




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