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Breaking Down Fat Phobia: My Journey as a Holistic Health Practitioner (in a larger body)

As a holistic health practitioner who has navigated the complexities of weight and wellness, I’m compelled to address a pervasive issue within our community: fat phobia.

For years, I’ve battled with my weight, exploring countless diets in pursuit of the elusive “perfect” body. However, through extensive research and personal experience, I’ve come to understand that weight is influenced by factors largely beyond our control, such as genetics and environment. Additionally, living with a chronic illness has underscored the complexity of body size and health.

Despite my expertise and qualifications, I continually face discrimination and dismissiveness because of my size. Fat phobic comments are a regular occurrence, undermining my credibility as a practitioner. I’ve encountered individuals who question why anyone would trust a “fat woman” with their health, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and biases.

Even within professional circles, I’ve witnessed the damaging effects of fat phobia. Colleagues opt to work with less qualified individuals simply because of their smaller body size, disregarding the expertise and knowledge I bring to the table.

Instances of fat shaming are not confined to professional settings but permeate everyday interactions. Recently, during a Pilates class, a new instructor made a disparaging remark about my body size, suggesting I couldn’t use certain equipment because of my thighs. Such comments are not only offensive but also contribute to an environment of exclusion and marginalization.

It’s disheartening to observe the hypocrisy within the health and wellness industry. While advocating for an anti-diet approach and dismantling harmful diet culture, individuals in larger bodies are often sidelined and overlooked. The success of programs promoting intuitive eating and body acceptance is overshadowed by pervasive biases against those who don’t fit societal standards of beauty.

For instance, the program I co-authored, “Making Peace with Your Plate,” has empowered countless individuals to embrace a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. However, I’ve observed a glaring discrepancy in its reception based on my body size. Despite the program’s efficacy, my contributions are often disregarded because of societal prejudices against larger bodies.

As women, we must confront our biases and challenge the ingrained fat phobia that pervades our society. Discrimination based on body size has no place in our pursuit of holistic health and wellness. It’s time to recognize the expertise and value that individuals in larger bodies bring to the table and create a truly inclusive environment within our community.

I refuse to be sidelined or made to feel irrelevant because of my body size. My experiences, qualifications, and dedication to promoting holistic health are not defined by the number on a scale. It’s time for all of us to prioritize compassion, inclusivity, and respect for every body, regardless of its size.tiff



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