Day 4 Fibro Movement Fix

Day 4 Fibro Movement Fix

Yoga For Pain Relief

So far, we’ve talked about what therapeutic movement is and how it’s important in decreasing pain in a fibromyalgia body. I also shared 3 surprising movements to reduce pain:  stretching, hand and foot treatments using a  soft ball (not a softball we play a game with…. Literally a soft, squishy ball)

Today, we’re going to focus on yoga, which may be the most powerful overall system for pain relief.  Part of the reason why yoga is so effective is that it also helps lower stress in the body.  We know that a lot of fibromyalgia pain is caused by a hyperactive stress response in the body, so lowering that stress is key to reducing pain.  

Besides the benefits of pain, yoga is likely to make you happier, healthier, stronger, more flexible and relaxed, and more effective in your life.  Today, our focus will be on some simple yoga movements you can do from the comfort of your own home.  

For today…

Start with your daily stretches!  Then if you’ve purchased the whole program, join me for some gentle yoga.  You can still purchase the full program HERE!

Head over to our Facebook group and tell us how you’re feeling this week.  Have you noticed any difference in the way your body feels?  Did you try the gentle yoga today?

I’ll be LIVE in the Facebook group tonight to share Yoga For Fibromyalgia. Look for the live streaming video at 7pm. Can’t be there? The replay will be available to watch afterwards.

p.s. Therapeutic Movement is just ONE of the foundations of healing fibromyalgia.  To learn more about how to reduce pain and increase your energy with fibromyalgia, schedule your complementary Fibro Breakthrough Session.  CLICK HERE to schedule your call!




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