Healthy Habits Day 1

Healthy Habits Day 1

Determine Your Goals

When embarking on a road trip, not only is it important to have a destination in mind but it is also crucial to have the directions that guide us to that spot on the map. Knowing where you want to go in life and in health and fitness is the obvious first step. Surprisingly, we often assume that we know what our goals are… but, with further examination, we can connect with the true desires within our hearts.

For example, I may say that I want to lose a certain number of pounds and think that it’s as simple as that. However, as I begin to uncover the meatiness beneath the surface I can recognize that the habits that have lead to those extra pounds are causing me to feel self conscious about my body. More so than wanting to lose the weight, I want to live a life filled with confidence. I want to feel beautiful in my own skin. And ultimately that may result in a lean, strong body.

There is a balance between being found in goal-setting. It is helpful to look forward to completion of our goals. But if we keep ourselves focused only on our desired outcome we can lose sight of the time and space we actually have control over-the here-and now.





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