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Episode #28: How to rebel against diet culture with Jenny Eden Berk

Diet Break Up Podcast

I love this topic about “rebelling against diet culture.”  Diet culture is everywhere, especially when we ring in the New Year.  Every other commercial on TV is telling about the latest and greatest New Year’s diet, our social media feed is filled with before and after pictures and people promising a “quick fix.”  It’s easy to get caught up in diet culture and hard to break free from.  

On this week’s episode, I’m chatting with fellow anti-diet health coach, Jenny Eden Berk about how to rebel against diet culture.

On this week’s episode we’ll chat about:

  • Why diets aren’t the way to improving your health and wellness.
  • Why we should rebel against diet culture
  • Why diets are harmful
  • About Jenny’s book, The Body Image Blueprint.

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About Jenny

In a culture obsessed with food and the “ideal” body image, Jenny offers men and women the chance to experience body love, pleasure with food again, greater self-esteem and total acceptance of self. Her work focuses on healing our often fraught relationship with our bodies and with tuning into intrinsic wisdom to learn how to nourish ourselves naturally and joyfully.  Jenny’s own journey of body-blame and food fear led her on a path of healing that inspired her to write her best-selling book, The Body Image Blueprint. She earned her masters in psychology and education from the university of Pennsylvania and later went on to receive her certificate in Eating Psychology Coaching and Mindful Eating

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Do you feel chained to the dieting roller-coaster?

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