Diet Break Up

Diet Break Up

Are you tired of counting fat grams, calories, carbs and points? 

Have you tried every diet out there (No Carbohydrate Diet, the all Carbohydrate Diet, the Blood Type Diet, the Blood Sugar Diet, the Vegan, Raw and Paleo Diet) and still not getting the results you’re hoping for?

And when someone tells you to just use more “willpower”, you want to smack them in the head! More willpower? Are you for real? Willpower is definitely not your problem.

It isn’t about a lack of willpower, but a lack of understanding.

I have some fabulous news for you!

  • You’re NOT weak.
  • You’re NOT powerless.​
  • You CAN overcome this.​
  • And what’s more, I’m here to make it happen!

​If you truly want to break free from a lifetime of emotional eating and diet drama, you will need help. That’s why I’ve created these 6 lessons to help you break up with emotional eating, beat the self sabotage & regain control of your life.  

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