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How to Stop Fearing Carbs

How to Stop Fearing Carbs

Carbohydrates are not the devil.  They aren’t unhealthy.  They don’t make you fat.  Cutting them out isn’t the “magic” cure for weight loss.

I’m all fired up about carbs these days. Keto is probably the most popular fad diet right now demonizing carbs and promising weight loss.  Our bodies need carbs in several different forms.  On this video, I cat more about why we need to stop fearing carbs and why eliminating them is causing more harm than good.

During this video I ‘m answering all these questions about carbs:

  • What are Carbohydrates?
  • What do Carbs Offer the Body?
  • Are carbs evil?
  • But, gluten is the devil, right?
  • But the healthiest people eat low-carb right?

How can you stop fearing carbs?

  • If you’re fearing carbs, give them a chance again.
  • Give yourself permission to enjoy the carbs you have been restricting.
  • Allow yourself the time to get used to them again. At first, you may eat them and freak out. Be aware of those fears and the mindset. Can you take a non-judgmental approach while eating them? By that, can you look at the bigger picture and realize that having one cookie is not really a big deal or going to impact your life – and actually by eating it, you may add a bit of enjoyment to your day?
  • Notice how you feel in your body, but be sure not to obsess over or ‘blame’ carbs if you feel tired or bloated. It could be from the food, or it could be because it’s normal to feel bloated at times or could be something unrelated to carbs. If you are going to pay attention to how your body feels, notice both positive or negative changes.
  • Have fun with carbs. Find some new recipes that use unique whole grains like black rice or starches like purple sweet potatoes. There’s a whole lot more to carbs than just brown rice and whole wheat bread.
  • Get rid of your low-carb books or unfollow health “gurus” on social media that are carb fear-mongerers. There’s a big difference between some health practitioners that promote open conversation on topics compared to others who are more closed-minded and use fear-based tactics.
  • Go buy a sandwich or cookie or whatever carb is calling your name. Eat it. Move on to the rest of your day.
  • Work with a coach (like myself) to move towards intuitive eating and get out of the diet mindset! 

*No need to fear ANY macronutrient – carb, protein, or fat. All are delicious, nutritious, and important to the body.

Ready to stop fearing carbs?  When 98% of all diets fail, why do we keep searing for the newest and greatest?  There’s a better solution that has a 100% success rate at improving your health and doesn’t require any restriction or deprivation.  It’s time to break up with dieting.

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