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Why No Diet Can Substitute For Your Bodys Wisdom

Body WIsdom

I’ll never forget… When I first started out, as a health coach… I was with a client & she said, “I just wish I never got hungry because then I wouldn’t have to deal with food or decide what to eat.” To this day, that comment makes me so sad inside…

How did we get to a point where people wish they didn’t feel hungry?  It’s not because they don’t have money for food.  As a culture, we’re so disconnected from our bodies. We believe dieting to be the norm…

It’s ingrained in us that less is more; that if you want to eat this, you better exercise like that; that if we emotionally eat, it’s a “horrible” thing; if you’re hungry, you better drink water to make sure you’re actually hungry (not thirsty!); or that we just can’t trust our bodies without a plan…

The thing is… our bodies are SUPER smart.

If we go too long without eating, we’ll eat more. If we try to deprive ourselves, we’ll want it, plus some. If we’re avoiding working through a heavy emotion & numbing out with food, we feel bad. All of these things? You likely think they sound bad. But they actually mean your body is doing what it’s supposed to do!

We eat more when we go too long without food because it’s our body making sure we have enough to survive. Food deprivation leads to food obsession (that’s how we’re wired) and  we feel bad when we eat to numb because it doesn’t feel good to our bodies! Our bodies are smart… doing what they’re supposed to do. But this stuff is seen as “bad.” Well, I disagree. It’s how we’re treating our bodies that needs to shift… NOT our bodies.

It’s Time to Heal Our Relationship with Food

I believe healing your relationship with food begins with honoring the fact that the relationship you have with your body is – in fact – a relationship & those take time to build. AND it takes time to break through the dieting mindset. Because health is so much more than a body size… something that is designed to change as we age and grow. So instead of beating your body up, I encourage you to try looking at your body as doing the best she can with what she’s been taught & told. She just needs to be told (and to discover) some totally different things?

Diet DetoxIf you’re interested in THAT discovery, then consider The Diet Detox.

You’ve been taught that your body is completely unable to regulate hunger and fullness on it’s own. You’ve been told that all these diets, cleanses, and supplements out there are the “cure” to controlling your hunger and your weight. But here’s the truth…

Diet’s Don’t Work

That’s why it’s time for a Diet Detox!

  • Learn how to be free around food again without diets, meal plans, counting points, calories or macros.
  • Learn to be aware of hunger and satiety cute to guide your decision to begin eating and stop eating.
  • Respecting your body shape regardless of your size or shape.
  • Learn what intuitive eating is and how you can apply it to your life so that can truly break up with dieting for good.

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