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How to Get Better Sleep When You Have Chronic Pain

When you’re in pain, one of the most difficult things to be able to do is relax. What’s even more difficult, is just being able to go to sleep. Sleep is essential to proper body functionality because the human body uses this rest period to do the majority of the healing that is needed from a day work and life. When you are unable to rest, the body will inevitably begin to break down after a long period of decline. This article is geared toward showing you how to sleep better with chronic pain. 


Cool Rooms Make Better Sleep

One thing that very few people seem to take into account, is that the temperature of the room can greatly influence how comfortable you are when you are about to fall asleep. A warm room is likely to keep you awake and prevent you from getting comfortable enough to finally slip into sleepy land. If you experiment with your room temperature, you’re likely to find a suitable temperature that works for you and gets you sent off slumber. 


Get Some Vigorous Exercise 

Exerting yourself can go a long way to putting yourself to bed. Sometimes excess energy from the day has a way of keeping you awake. The best way to solve that is by making sure you don’t have any extra energy to worry about. Try doing short bursts of very vigorous exercise, and you’re likely to end up closing your eyes a lot faster than if you hadn’t. 


Choose the Right Pillow

Another thing that escapes a lot of people is the simple trick of changing how you sleep and being sure that your bedding is arranged in a way that allows you to get proper rest. Many people use their pillow in a way that is much too high to allow them to properly lie down and get a good night’s rest. Small tweak can make all the difference in your rest habits. 

Adaptogen Herbs  

Personally, I take adaptogen herbs daily to help with my fibromyalgia symptoms, but they also help me to calm my mind and body for sleep.  What most people don’t know about OTC sleep aids are that they can become addicting and they can interfere with medications causing negative side effects.   Adaptogen herbs are a class of herbs that are 100% plant based that adapt to your body’s needs to help you find balance.  They are known to help reduce stress and calm the mind, which will also help you sleep. They are a natural and safer way to get a good night’s rest.

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