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How Continuous Improvement is Better Than Delayed Perfection

Perfectionism might be making you sick…⁣

Striving for perfection is a HUGE source of stress for a lot of my patients with fibromyalgia.⁣

I get it. You’ve always been good at what you do. You’re a go-getter and you’re proud of that. You like to keep busy and have lots on the go at one time.⁣

The problem comes in when your desire to do everything perfectly makes you feel exhausted, achy, and foggy. When it’s hard to pass some of your responsibilities to others because you think you have to do it all or you think you’ll do a better job.⁣

Your body is telling you to slow down and give it some love. Practice listening to it and consider what changes you can make to provide more space, energy, and time for healing. ⁣

Shifting away from aiming for perfection and instead aiming for progress is tough. It takes intention and consistent practice.⁣

I challenge you to pay attention to areas of your life you’re striving for perfection. Is perfection really necessary or is it causing you more stress than you need right now?


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