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Private Coaching

So are you ready to ditch the diets and the excuses, & create the live you truly desire?


take issue with “wellness” programs, diet plans and other health coaches who are solely focus on the scale as a determinant of success. Especially, when it’s the ONLY attribute of success. 

What happens to the woman who is doing all the right things and the weight isn’t budging? She is consistent with her workouts, she’s following the specific, prescribed “diet” to the letter, and she’s being diligent in tracking every morsel that enters her mouth and she hasn’t lost weight?

She feels like a failure. She wonders what is wrong with her? This isn’t working, so she moves to the next bright, shiny promise to take the weight off forever. And on and on it goes. The frustration grows, the energy drains, the weight may even increase, and the hope is lost.

You’re success in health is not defined by a before and after photo.
It’s not a number.

YOU ARE NOT A NUMBER! Your worth is not tied to those things, so why pick a program to improve your health that is based on those things?? Doing the same thing isn’t working. It’s time to do something different.

You don’t have to surrender yourself to cycles of stress or overeating. Don’t let lack of sleep or low energy hold you back or tie you down. And you really don’t need the uncertainty of contradiction of the diet industry confusing you about what you eat and longer.

his is your chance to get a completely customized road-map to health, developed with your health history, lifestyle, desires and specific goals in mind. Have you tried all kinds of crazy diets, cleanses and resolutions on your own, but just never seem able to stick with it? Well, it might be time to partner up!

As your health coach I will both motivate you and hold you accountable. We’ll get clear on your goals together and I’ll share practical, tangible tools and educational materials (if you want them!) – because I believe knowledge is power and that change can happen once we really understand WHY.

Why? Because it’s harder to go at it alone and so much more fun when we do it together.


If you’re tired of wasting your time on gimmicks that don’t work, then I’m here to help you succeed. My job is to assure you feel amazing and find your optimal health.

Do you feel like you’ve tried it all?

Do you ever wish you were more confident in your own skin?

Maybe you’ve tried every diet out there, deprived yourself of everything you love, counted calories (or points), and tortured yourself at the gym.

Maybe you’ve seen some success initially, but then the weight came back on (even some extra on top on that). Maybe you’ve blamed your lack of willpower, but I’m here to tell you that willpower has nothing to do with it.

Diets are designed to make sure you fail long-term, so you keep coming back and buying more programs over and over.

It’s time to break free of the dieting cycle, the cycle of losing and regaining weight. It feels awful to be stuck in that cycle, I know I’ve been there.

My name is Tiffany DeLuisi and I’m an ex-fat dieter who was tired of counting calories and killing myself in the gym just to watch my weight go up and down over and over again. I finally decided to stop dieting, stop torturing myself, and stop depriving myself.

The results? I lost 70 lbs in 2 years and decided it was time to help other women do the same. I lost the weight by establishing one healthy habit at a time and doing the mindset work that kept me imprisoned by the diet industry.

e don’t struggle with our weight because we don’t know how to eat or because we don’t know how to exercise. There’s another piece that needs to be taken care of first! We have to identify our triggers and the things holding us back and then just eat real food most of the time.

When we’re emotionally healthy, our bodies become physically healthy. Once I figured out the key to doing that, the weight came off.

I am here to help you succeed. As your health coach, my job is to assure you feel amazing and find your optimal health. Nowhere in that description is a cycle of losing and regaining weight. It feels awful to be stuck in that cycle. If you did that because of my advice, I wouldn’t be doing my job

So how do you break the cycle?

By doing something differently. By focusing on healthy eating, com combined with stress-releasing days of fun, moderate exercise, a shift in mindset & lots of self-care.

With one-on-one private coaching, you get a solution that helps you feel in control. And you’ll have tools you need to go maintain your progress.

And best of all… NO GIMMICKS!

You will learn how to achieve sustainable long-term results like:

  • Find a healthy weight for YOUR body.
  • Love your body and its gifts to you
  • Eat real food and lose weight without counting calories (or points)
  • Support your activity and have energy all day
  • Never feel deprived or hungry on your journey to health.

Sounds different from what you’re used to doing, right?

When I decided to become a health coach, I wanted to do things differently. My mission is to help you find your optimal health for a thriving live

Slow is sustainable. Sustainable is forever.

I wish that I could sell you a pill that would make weight and health no longer an issue. The fact is, that doesn’t exist.

There is no magic solution to permanently change things overnight.

There are, however, a number of methods and techniques that will get you to permanent change over time.

Here’s what you get:

  • Digestible content:  weekly transformational, doable, no-nonsense lessons all completed online and on your own time in between our group coaching calls together
  • Hand-holding and clear guidance: Direct access to and coaching from me, unlimited email support, and me cheering you on every step of the way
  • Accountability: access to your coach via email or Voxer in between sessions.  
  • Powerful assignments that will help you to pull the emotional and psychological weeds that have prevented you from reaching your goals in the past!
  • A Diet-Free Nutrition Plan: Life is busy, I get it!  It takes a lot of time to figure out what to cook for dinner each week.  I make meal planning fun by offering weekly meal plans complete with yummy recipes AND shopping lists.
  • Dining Out Guide:  It’s not realistic to assume that you’ll prepare all your own foods for the rest of your life.  There will be times where you’ll be dining out.  So what do you eat then to stay on track?  I’ve got you covered.  This guide contains everything you need to successfully eat out at a restaurant and still stay on track to meet your health goals.

You’re going to feel so vibrant and overflowing with energy and good vibes  days that you will want to maintain your new perspective forever!




SHOUT OUT to Tiffany Lacy DeLuisi. I hired her to help me get my health/fitness/weight/allthatjazz in order. Here’s what’s happened in that time:

  • I finally took my body measurements which helped me actually purchase the right size clothing and bra (omg having the right size bra is incredible!!)
  • Even though in the past I pretty much only drank water or alcohol (no caffeine), I would often go 90% of the day without hydrating. Now I have been consciously drinking MORE water (and my lips are wayyyy less chap now so that must be why, they used to be chap all the time)
  • I have switched to low-calorie / low-sugar alcohol options (which is a big deal for me)
  • I have added veggies into my diet in a way that still tastes good
  • I have started taking vitamins (the right way)
  • I have purchased a step-master thingy (technical term), elliptical, some weights, and am getting a stationary bike too. My husband and I are putting together a Fitness Room in the house right now. So excited!
  • I’ve actually gotten my dental health under control and am getting a physical done by doctor soon too. This is a BIG DEAL as I’ve been avoiding this stuff for YEARS.
  • I’ve lost some weight, am less puffy, and need to take measurements again to check on inches, but OVERALL and MOST IMPORTANTLY…

I’m finally taking care of myself. Slowly but surely! Thanks Tiff

Chrissy Harry

Chrissy Harry

Before I started working with Tiffany, I was not in a good place. I was feeling depressed and didn’t feel good physically or emotionally.

I’ve learned a lot from Tiffany since working with her. I’ve learned about nutrition, but also the mental focus I needed to have to make a shift. Working with Tiffany has helped me with my self worth and feel better about myself and my body.

Her 90 Day Private Coaching Program was great! The weekly coaching calls were an important part of my success. Tiffany would not only ask how things were going on the program, but about me personally.

He has a a personal approach that showed that she really did care about how I was feeling and helping me along my journey. She really helped me get to the bottom of what I needed to change to make progress and how I could make that happen.

I highly recommend working with Tiffany as a coach because you will learn what things YOU need to make changes in your health, but also have coaching from Tiffany who helps you help yourself. Tiffany is awesome!

Personalized Health Coaching

Enjoy your personalized action plan that will help you redefine quality living, so you can expedite a happy, healthy life that is notably more flexible, fun and rewarding! Tiffany will help you explore all of the aspects of your life that are holding you back from genuine health and impacting the way you feel.

You’ll experience the holistic difference, as you begin to discover hidden ways your lifestyle has been contributing to your sense of well-being or causing more damage in the long run. You’ll gain clarity and sharpen your eating intuition, as you begin to align with exactly what your body needs in order to elevate your well-being and discover your inner healthy!

Coaching Options

3 Month Recharge Package

You're investment is $1,297.00 paid in full or a payment plan option of 3 monthly payments of $465.00.
This is for you who is already on the path tired of “failing”. You want to have more energy and finally feel great about the way you look.

If you’re looking for some guidance, a hand to hold, some tough love and real accountability this is the packet for you.

After 3 months you’ll be charged up and ready with some practical tricks and tips to pull it off and stick with it.

The program will consist of a 45 minute call with me each week for 12 weeks with unlimited e-mail support, a ton of free visuals & resources.

6 Month Total Transformation Package

You're investment is $2,497.00 paid in full or a payment plan option of 6 monthly payments of $450.00.

This package is for anyone who feels like they need to lose 50 lbs or more. You will define your health and wellness goals and create a plan to achieve them. Find your motivation and have someone hold you accountable until your goals are reached.

You’ll work to rewire your mindset and taste buds to crave healthy foods and learn to listen to your body to determine the best foods for your unique constitution. We’ll also work to determine what’s causing your “food issues” (overeating, stress eating, eating the wrong foods, cravings, etc.) and remedy that by treating the root cause versus just the symptom. After 6 months you’ll develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits that actually stick.

The program will consist of weekly 45 minute call with me each week for the first 3 months and then 2 calls a month the last 3 months with unlimited e-mail support, a ton of free visuals & resources.

Month to Month

You're investment is $497.00 paid in full.

This 30 day package is great for anyone who wants to get a taste for what it's like to work with me before committing to a 3 or 6-month package. You'll receive an initial 60 minute session followed by three 45-minute weekly sessions to kick off your healthy lifestyle, address one specific issue.

DISCLAIMER: This program works if you do the work, I can’t do it for you and I can’t guarantee you will get any specific results. Though I am representing this program in the most honest and truthful way possible, and the methods I teach have worked for me and my clients. Your results may vary due to bio-individuality, knowledge, dedication, implementation, ect. and therefore, I cannot and do not guarantee your success or ability to transform your life. However, if you show up and do the work, I will support you in every way possible to help you achieve your goals. It won’t happen overnight, but I can give you the tools and strategies I’ve used to get there. You are responsible for the results you achieve.

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