Hormone Testing

What’s the Connection?

Hormones are key players in regulating weight, metabolism, blood sugar, insulin, and when and where the body stores fat. As we age, shifting hormones trigger numerous symptoms of imbalance – including unexplained weight gain.

What’s Tested:

  • Estrogen & Progesterone Imbalances
    • Result in weight gain in hips and thighs, water retention & sluggish metabolism low
  • Testosterone or DHEA
    • Lead to decreased lean muscle and increased body fat, decreased metabolic rate & abdominal obesity
  • High Cortisol
    • Results in insomnia, anxiety, sugar cravings, feeling tired but wired & increased belly fat
  • Low Cortisol
    • Causes chronic fatigue, low energy, food and sugar cravings, poor exercise tolerance or recovery & low immune reserves
  • Vitamin D3 Deficiency
    • Associated with hyperinsulinemia & increased belly fat
  • High TSH
    • Leads to hypothyroidism, low metabolic rate & obesity
  • High Insulin
    • Indicative of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome & abdominal obesity
  • High HbA1c
    • Predictive of type 2 diabetes


Order your test today!

4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Order Your Test
Choose and order your hormone test below.

Step 2: Check Your Mail
Your kit will be mailed to you within 2 business’ days of receiving your order.

Step 3: Take the Test
The test kit will come with detailed instructions on how to collect both blood and saliva samples. Once your done, put your completed test in mail to send back to the lab.

Step 4: Get Your Results
Receive your comprehensive test report by email within 10 working days of the lab receiving the sample.


What’s Included?

Hormone Test Kit ($495 value)

After your purchase is complete, everything you need for your at-home test is delivered to your door. Use the activation code located on the back of the test kit to activate your test on thorne.com and complete your health profile.

Follow Up Consultation ($197 Value)

During this consultation, we will go over your test results and what it means for you.  We will also create a personalized plan of action that includes nutrition and supplement support.

Only $495

(a $700 Value)

Purchase Now!

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