Sudden change and uncertainty have left a lot of us feeling unsettled, unstable, and unable to find our footing. But the disappearance of what we knew as life brings an opportunity to begin again — a chance to start fresh. What you want has always been an inside job. In a time when you can’t go out, why not go in?

I have an invitation for you to go on an interactive journey to…

Reflect on what’s working, what’s not, and ultimately what you need most right

Gather the information you need to understand what your next step is

Get clear on all that’s standing in your way

Learn how to leverage your current strengths to create more opportunities in your life and work

Discover the choices you need to make or stop making to get you to where you want to be

Maybe you need this?
Maybe a friend needs this?

Before I forget, let me introduce myself…

Hi! I’m Tiffany DeLuisi, I’m a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I started to see the connection between stress and chronic illness, both in myself and in my clients, so I also became a Mind Body Integration Specialist to help both myself and clients learn how to calm stress in their body.

In 2016, I got really sick after one of the most stressful times in my life. I had no idea how to calm the hyperactive stress in my body and as a result, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and autoimmune issues. Stress caused me to flare up, so I was afraid of stress, which caused more stress and kept me on this never ending roller coaster of STRESS!

I had to learn to start implementing stress relieving techniques into my daily habits in order to be the best mom, wife, friend, and practitioner. That’s why I created Finding Joy! To help you calm stress and find joy again.

The program is a 5-week interactive, powerful journaling challenge.


Each week will provide a theme to explore. There are journaling prompts each week to dig deeper into the theme, “Pick Your Own Path” adventures to go on during the week, and further “Heart-work” questions to reveal anything else that may be hiding beneath the surface ready to be revealed.

There will also be support through one 30-minute consultation with me and support in between sessions through an app called Better. This will be a time to share what we’ve discovered, ask questions, or get advice from other participants on anything that’s on your heart.

This accountability piece is a powerful one — we are all puzzle pieces to each other’s possibility, and the intimacy of sharing our hearts with each other is healing and inspiring.

Sometimes we need to step back before we move forward.
Finding Joy was created to help you do just that.
Reveal what’s stirring beneath the surface, bring it to light, and tap into the joy that’s within you right this very moment.

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