Beat the Burnout

Say Goodbye to Exhaustion for GOOD

Have you been feeling “like you’re losing your identity” your smile is fading and you’re stuck in your stories?

Are you exhausted all the time, but can’t stop rushing and the mind won’t slow down?

Are you gaining weight at the smell of food, struggling to wake up and are becoming more and more forgetful?


It’s time to Rescue your Adrenals!

My name is Tiffany, a Certified Functional Wellness Practitioner, and Herbalist.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in early 2017. I was already a health coach and wanted to treat my symptoms as holistically as possible. I tried everything from elimination diets to supplements and nothing seemed to work. I decided to go back to school to get additional certifications in gut health and herbs in order to try to manage my symptoms. What I learned was eye-opening!

I’ve been able to eliminate all medications and treat my symptoms of not only fibromyalgia but also Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and mast cell activation syndrome by focusing on my digestive health and using adaptogenic herbs.

I believe that most disease is treatable and preventable through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes (including reducing stress and getting enough quality sleep). I believe there is no “one size fits all” approach to getting healthy. It’s about feeling comfortable in your body without taking extreme, unhealthy measures while reclaiming your energy and vitality.

My approach is about finding the underlying reasons for your symptoms and addressing them in a holistic and natural way, instead of just covering them up with a pill. I don’t believe in fad diets, but instead, working together to determine what is right for YOU and YOUR body. There is no one else like you, and there is no perfect solution that will work for everyone.

I help you find the underlying issue that’s causing not only weight gain, but also bloating, unpleasant and unexpected digestive issues, low energy, poor mental clarity, skin irritations, and all those other issues you think may be related. You can take back control of your health and life. I’m here to show you that it is possible, and so much more. With the right mentoring, information, and tools, you can reach all the much-needed success on your health journey.


Meet the 12 weeks “The Beat the Burnout” Program

Your body takes a lot of strain, just by living in modern society. The foods we eat, the environments we work and live in, and all the stress we put ourselves under every day can take their toll on your body – especially your adrenals.

Burnout and adrenal fatigue affect hundreds of thousands of people every day – and many of them aren’t even aware of it. It can cause a whole host of problems, including weight gain, exhaustion, lightheadedness, forgetfulness, a reduced sex drive, and increased stress levels.

When your adrenals are in bad shape, your entire body suffers, and so does your mental and emotional wellbeing. If you experience any of these symptoms, you could have adrenal fatigue:

  • You generally feel tired and lethargic, except for a little while after eating.
  • You lose track of conversations, or forget what you were doing, saying or thinking.
  • You don’t ever feel refreshed, even after a good night’s sleep, and you feel lightheaded when you stand up.
  • You tend to get sick more often, and colds and flu hang around for longer than they used to.
  • You gain weight easily or struggle to lose weight, even when you’re following a restrictive diet.
  • You find it difficult to cope with stress, and things that you used to shrug off easily have started to overwhelm you.

Refresh Your Adrenals

If you’ve been struggling with any of these issues, you might feel at your wits’ end – it can feel impossible to overcome, and you could struggle to find help. But you are not alone!

  • You can get your energy, strength, and immunity back
  • You can overcome stress, exhaustion, mental strain and overwhelm.
  • You can lose excess weight without starving yourself (actually the exact opposite), and get your body healthy and strong.
  • You can have an immune system that works effectively to fight off sickness.

Take back your health and get your physical and mental wellbeing back on track by refreshing your adrenals. Your health is worth the investment!


Get refreshed in just 12 weeks

We spend an awful lot of time doing our bodies a whole lot of damage. We spend eight to twelve hours sitting down behind our desks, working without proper breaks.

We spend hours slumped in front of the TV, too exhausted to move. We throw ourselves down in bed and just lie there, worn out. And it’s not just how sedentary we are, either – our food is doing just as much damage.

We eat all kinds of toxin-filled, over-processed foods that do our bodies huge amounts of damage.

We prize convenience over nutrition, and comfort over health. All that damage piles up and sends our adrenals into a downward spiral. Yet it seems we have all the time in the world to hurt ourselves, but none too spare to take care of ourselves.

Are you ready to commit just 90 days to get your physical, mental and hormonal health back?

Are you really ready to make an investment in your own health, and treat yourself with care and love for a change?

Are you ready to give your body the care and nutrition it needs to rebuild your adrenals and boost your health and beat your burnout?

Then get with the program and join the 12 weeks Beat the Burnout program for your adrenal reset!

Is it really possible to get your health back in just 90 days? Absolutely!

Within one month, you can dramatically improve your adrenal function and start to feel healthier, livelier and full of energy. You’ll start sleeping better, waking up more refreshed, and feeling more like yourself.

With the 90-day Adrenal Rescue support program, you get a lifeline to healing, nourishing and revitalizing your adrenals, and giving your body the support it needs to function optimally.

Say goodbye to

  • Exhaustion
  • Belly bloat, pain, and weight issues
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Poor sleep
  • Difficulty dealing with illness
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • That constant, nagging feeling that you’re just not in the best health you can be

Find the right exercise for YOU

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get in great shape.

Eat to fuel your body

Find that ONE thing you may be doing unknowingly to sabotage your efforts, and how to easily fix it.


The Program

So how do you rescue your adrenals and reduce burnout, anyway? Pills and magical potions? Nope, sorry, no magic pill or fad diet is going to help. It’s all about getting to the real issues and not masking the symptoms. Great nutrition that supports your system, hormonal and digestive recovery and knowing the right kinds of combinations of balancing life, food, relationships and work to nourish your mind and body and nurture it back to health.

I’ve created Beat the Burnout specifically to help you reset your adrenal system and give your body the chance to restore itself back to great health. That’s why you get nothing but the best recipes, guides, support, and advice – from me!!

As a qualified Functional Wellness Practitioner, Gut Health Specialist and herbalist I’ve helped many people change the way they nourish their bodies and live happily, healthier lives. I’m passionate about keeping it real and making food simple so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

When you sign up for Beat the Burnout 12 week adrenal support program, you get:

Initial Wellness Consultation ($150 value)

During this initial wellness consultation, I will give you a Health Assessment that will give me a lot of information about you and your health. This will help us determine the supplements that are right for you, and develop a 30-day action plan. Each month, we will revisit this plan and make adjustments if needed.

Bi-Weekly Wellness Consultations ($997 value)

We will be in touch every 2 weeks. We will get on the phone (or meet in person if you’re local) weekly during this program. This is important for you to get the support you need and to ask questions. Together we will set habits for the week, make sure the protocol you are following is working for you and make any necessary adjustments.

90-Day Adrenal Health Program ($297 value)

This 90-day program is the answer to more energy, balanced hormones, weight loss, and fewer aches and pains. Each week, we will dive deep into each of the 4 pillars of health (mindset, mindful nutrition, proper supplementation, and lifestyle changes) needed for a complete transformation. It’s about implementing ONE thing at a time. Learning to tune into what your body is telling you so that you can find balance which leads to healing and change. This course is full of information on what affects your adrenals, and how to improve their health.  


Supplements (~$400 value)

Supplementation is part of the process. The products I recommend are 100% plant-sourced with no GMOs, additives or fillers. Supplements will be personalized based on you and your health needs.

I’m Going to Include Some Exclusive Bonuses You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!

Bonus #1: My Coach App (a $197 value)

Access to an app to help you track your progress and keep track of your habits. This app is designed for you to have easy access to the Beat the Burnout program directly from your phone. You can also communicate directly with me through the app.




Bonus #2: Food Intolerance Testing (a $197 value)

Here’s the deal… you don’t need another fad diet to tell you what to eat. You don’t need to eliminate any foods that you don’t have a true intolerance or allergy to. However, food intolerance could be the source of your adrenal fatigue symptoms. Let’s find out for sure! I’m including this test that uses your hair to test 750 foods and environmental items, heavy metal toxicity, and nutritional deficiencies. Includes a consultation to go over your results.


Bonus #3: 7 Day Emotional Eating Plan (a $97 value)

Do you feel like your eating is out of control? Is it something you struggle with ALL the time? Are you using food to fill the gaps and just can’t seem to rein it in? Take control with the 7-day Emotional Eating Plan. You’ll get the tools, information, and resources you need to finally stop letting food control your life.

This 3-Month Program is Only $1297

(Total Value $2,235)

(or 3 monthly payment of $447)



“I’ve had so many people come back to me and tell me just how great they feel since they’ve worked with me. Here is some of what they are saying:
“I was sick, completely exhausted, aching joints and bones, depressed the list goes on. In just a couple of sessions things started to change, Tiffany’s gentle encouraging and empathetic approach really works.
Fast forward a year and I feel great, she helped me find the best way to heal my body with food and recommended the herbal supplements I needed.
If you are feeling low give Tiffany a call, I promise you won’t regret it”





“Hey Tiffany, I just wanted to thank you all your advice throughout this program! You were so supportive and awesome and understanding and such a lovely person in general”



“Working with Tiffany this past month has been amazing. She is so knowledgeable and listens to your goals. She helps you approach them without dieting. She teaches you to love your body the way it is and approach a healthy lifestyle with intuitive eating. I have learned so much from Tiffany it’s hard to put it into words. If you are tired of dieting and want to learn ways to change your lifestyle in a healthy way Tiffany is the coach you want. I highly recommend Tiffany.”


Katherine M.

Getting to know yourself

One of the best things about Beat the Burnout program is that it doesn’t leave you out in the cold once you’re done.

My aim is to set you up to be able to keep supporting your adrenal system for the long term.
That’s why the program doesn’t just tell you what to do, step by step, it also shows you the why, the what and the how behind burnout and/or adrenal fatigue and combating it.

Once you’ve completed this program, you’ll find you have:

  • A lot more energy
  • Better sleep – hallelujah
  • Boosted Mood and Metabolism
  • Healthier digestion
  • Back to you – actually a better you
  • Reduced or no pain

The way this program is designed, you’re going to really get to know what works best for you, and what brings out the best in you.

What are you waiting for?

Your body has taken enough strain and damage. It’s time to give it what it really needs – support!

Sign up today and Beat your Burnout!

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