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How would you really like to see yourself? The picture of health and energy?  Ready for your next challenge—physically and mentally? An engaged participant  in life’s opportunities, not just a spectator?

Well, thoughtful nutrition is a big part
of making that vision a reality.

Add my favorite great tasting, all-natural, protein powder to the 7 Day Smoothie Challenge!

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Why SolleComplete?

SolleComplete combines pea protein with two truly innovative, proprietary
herbal blends of both concentrated and standardized herbal extracts to produce a one-of-a-kind nutritional formula.

  • Plant-Based Protein: each serving provides 100% plant sourced protein which is more  bioavailable and gentler on your stomach and kidneys.
  • Muscle Support: contains amino acids necessary to help repair, strengthen and tone
  • Overall Wellness: combines adaptogenic and lifting herbs to supply critical nutrients that will help your body increase stamina, boost metabolism and elevate mood.
  • Fiber Blend: contains a natural blend of herb and fruit fibers to help soothe the digestive tract.
  • Gut Health: also combines plant sourced enzymes and probiotics to help support overall gut health.

All Plant-Based Ingredients! Gluten and Lactose Free!
Each bag contains 15 servings.
Available in two flavors: Natural and Dutch Cocoa


Here are some people who love SolleComplete.

"Ok so Dutch Cocoa Complete is like the BEST THING EVER!!! I think I drank it all in 5mins. SO DELICIOUS!!!"

~ Becky G

"Oh my word!!! I just made my first smoothie with the Natural Solle Complete Protein and I'll admit I was hesitant!
I've only purchased or tried the dutch chocolate but wow! This is delicious! And don't let the green color fool you... It is pineapple, spinach, coconut oil and the powder. Yummy!"

~ Amanda A.

"The perfect start to my day! This complete meal will keep me full and focused for the next 4-5 hours! And it’s a smooth and creamy treat!! Seriously the nutrition on my counter is ?
(It’s also boosting my immune, packing me full of omegas and probiotics and alll the sprouty good nutrition, oh and that fiber focuses my mind and helps my body shed those unwanted lbs!)"

~ Sarah S.

I’m Going to Include Some Exclusive Bonuses You Can’t Get Anywhere Else!

Personalized Essential Oil Blend:  Love aromatherapy?  Not sure where to start?  I ask you a few questions and then I create a personalized essential oil blend JUST FOR YOU!  You can use this bled in a diffuser or as a roll on.  I’ll tell you exactly how to use it to get the best benefits.   (a $20 value)

7-Day Crush Your Sugar Cravings Course:  This mini-course comes with everything you need to be successful! In just 7 days, you can start to eliminate cravings and the hold that sugar has over you! (a $47 value)

5-Minute Mindful Eating Exercise:  Mindful eating is being conscious of what we are eating, how we are eating, and why we are eating. It is about getting back in touch with the experience of eating and enjoying our food. This exercise will walk you through a mindful eating experience that will help transform your relationship with food and body (a $15 value)

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