Things are going so well! And then they’re not.
and you feel like it’s all your fault.
Stop Self-sabotage once and for all!

Join the Self-Sabotage Proof Plan.

A 5-day mini-course to help you identify why you self sabotage and have a plan to stop.

Yes, I want to stop self sabotaging!

Suck and you’ll lose all enjoyment and relaxation in your evening.


Do you want less self-sabotage?

During this 5-day mini course, you will have the recipe for self-sabotage resistant, healthy life so you can stop “starting again on Monday” and start healing your relationship with food. Yup, even if you’re a classic self-sabotage-in-the-evening kind of girl.

During this 5-day mini course, I’m going to teach you the ‘why’ behind your self-sabotage, and then give you some tools and techniques to stop it from happening.

Hello, healthy relationship with food!




Take Advantage of This Exclusive Invitation to Join Us and Discover…


  • Identify how you self-sabotage so that you can start to notice your self-sabotaging behaviors, before, during, and after they happen.
  • Identify triggers and patterns so that you can start to reframe the experience and the behaviors
  • Develop new strategies so that you aren’t turning to food when those self-sabotaging triggers and patterns arise.
  • Stop your self-sabotage by giving your emotions the freedom to move. This is great when working with unwanted eating AND self-sabotage behaviors.
Yes, I want to stop self sabotaging!

What others are saying…

I participated in this course with Tiffany. The information I received throughout the 5 days was very eye opening, useful and life changing.. I highly recommend her challenges, she really does know her stuff!!

-Christina B.

Thank you so much Tiffany for doing this self sabotage course. I learned lots of new things. Plus, got a coaching call just for participating!!! Tiffany is wonderful!!!

-Denee A.

I love Tiffany’s Challenges!!! She really knows what she is doing! She was very insightful and gave me really great tips on things I could start doing right now to work on being healthier me!

-Melorna L.

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