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Episode #12: Self Acceptance through Meditation

Self Acceptance through Meditation with Heather Nieves

Self Acceptance through Meditation with Heather NievesToday I’m catting with my newest biz bestie, Heather Nieves. We chat about how we can learn to accept our bodies and love them as they are.  That we don’t need to lose weight in order to feel worthy.  

Heather is a Body Positive Mentor that guides women on a journey to self acceptance.

We live in a world where it has become the norm to join in negative conversations about our bodies and complain about everything with others.

Heather says she is so grateful for the work she does with women.  She mostly works with moms to help them pass positivity and self acceptance down to their children and loved ones.

Because as Rebecca Campbell says,  “When we heal ourselves we heal the world,” the foundation of Heather’s work is meditation, which has changed changed her life in just 2 short years because the benefits are exponential.  Heather’s clients continue to grow after our work together because of the benefits of meditation. Clients who work with Heather  see themselves differently for the rest of their lives.

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Ready to begin your Self Acceptance Journey?

Heather had  free 31 day calendar to begin practicing daily self-acceptance  

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