Are you stuck in a cycle of Self-Sabotage?

One minute you’re doing great, feeling like you have a fighting chance, and the next you’re falling back into a eating-everything-in-sight rut

Self-sabotage is pretty much the worst, but I want you to know you’re not the only person standing in the way of their own weight loss & health.

Whether you self-sabotage when you feel like you’ve messed up your diet, or fly off course when stress or sadness sets in, this free guide is for you.

In this free PDF, “How to Breakthrough Self-Sabotage (in 10 Minutes or Less,” you’ll find…

  • An interactive flowchart that will quickly and painlessly help you identify which of the 4 most common types of self-sabotage is currently plaguing you
  • An insider explanation of the psychology keeping you stuck in your painful self-sabotaging patterns
  • A stupid-simple and actionable formula you can use to kick your self-sabotage out the backdoor today
  • 20 unconventional activities (that each take 10 minutes or less) you can use to stealthily redirect your self-sabotaging ways.

-Yes! I’m ready to break-up with self-sabotage for good!-

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