Breaking Free:
A 6-Week Course to Transform Your Relationship with Food & Body

The Right SYSTEM, SUPPORT, & ACCOUNTABILITY To TransformYour Relationship with
Food, Reclaim Your Energy, & Create Healthy Habits that Last!

If you're a busy woman, THIS is your chance to FINALLY ditch dieting & find freedom with food!


Are you FED UP with yo-yo dieting, counting calories, & defining your worth by the number on a scale?

Do you struggle with emotional eating, overeating, or food cravings?

Would you like to reconnect with your instinctive signals &
discover how to eat without restricting dieting or obsessing over food.?



I am here to let you know that there is better WAY of eating where you can FEEL & LOOK AMAZING without the suffering. Take a deep breath and I’ll say it again… you don’t have to suffer or feel crazy around food anymore!

Don’t believe me?

Close your eyes and try to imagine a way of eating that involves no calorie counting, no restricting, no binging, no starving, no forbidding, no eliminating and no weighing your food!

Can you imagine a WAY of eating where you can still eat everything (yes, I said everything) you WANT to eat while maintaining a positive sense of being in CONTROL?

That is EXACTLY what Breaking Free: a 6-Weeks to Transform Your Relationship with Food & Body will teach you!

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  • Eat foods that make you happy, without feeling guilty
  • Stop dieting, counting things, and eating healthy in a way that is easy
  • Feel confident, comfortable, and amazing in your body
  • Feel energized, motivated, and nourished


  • 6 weeks of Online trainings (1 per week, approximately 30-45 minutes) to take you step-by-step to transform your relationship with food, reclaim your energy & create lasting healthy habits – including 3 -20 minute 1:1 coaching sessions to answer any and all of your questions!
  • The exact methods I used to stop dieting and finally end emotional eating
  • How to set yourself up for inevitable success
  • Strategies to discover which foods work best for your unique body
  • 6-weeks of inspiring e-mails to start your day off right while keeping you motivated & accountable
  • Unlimited e-mail support for 6-weeks where you can ask me your burning questions or receive a little hand holding during difficult times!
  • Thought-provoking journal exercises to use throughout the course

If you’re a woman ready to end your food struggles and start eating for pleasure and energy, then this course may be the missing piece of the puzzle (you know, the one that doesn’t quite fit into the multi-billion dollar weight-loss industry)!

Here’s how you can finally put an end to yo-yo dieting and start learning to trust your body again:


Why It’s Time to Ditch the Diet Mentality

  • Recognize the subtle diet rules and restrictions you’ve been holding onto, and let them go
  • Learn why dieting and attempting to change your body isn’t serving you (or anyone, for that matter!)
  • Install new thoughts that support you in creating the joyful and easy relationship with food that you desire and deserve
  • Build skills and practices to help you shift into this new paradigm long-term


How To Listen Honor Your Hunger & Make Peace With Food

  • Learn what hunger cues feel like for you—and discover the subtle signals you may have been missing
  • Bust myths about hunger that are perpetuated by diet culture
  • Find out why intuitive eating is about so much more than just “eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you’re full”
  • Open up to your “off-limits” foods in a systematic way that makes you feel safe and empowered
  • Understand why you feel so compelled to eat “forbidden” foods, and what you can do to change that
  • Learn what it means to truly give yourself unconditional permission to eat


How to Take Control of Emotional Eating

  • Find ways to comfort , nurture, distract, and resolve your issues without using food.
  • Learn why emotional eating is unfairly criticized in our society
  • Gain clarity on what emotional eating is trying to tell you
  • Discover ways to take care of yourself emotionally IN ADDITION to eating (not instead of eating)
  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of emotional eating episodes


How To Overcome Self-Sabotage & Prioritize Self-Care So That Eating Is Easy

  • Learn how stress may be holding you back from all that you desire & what to do about it
  • Discover my #1 secret to ending the self-sabotage battle
  • Uncover the importance of self-care & how to implement it in your daily life for under 5 minutes each day
  • Discover the secret to always being prepared for obstacles and “falling of the wagon”


What To Eat To Honor Your Health

  • Learn to relate to nutrition without falling back into the diet mentality
  • Discover which foods give you energy & which foods do not
  • Understand the difference between high-nutrient foods vs. low-nutrient foods
  • Learn how to have your cake & eat it too (this means actually eating what you want!)
  • Learn how to stabilize your blood sugar to prevent intense sugar cravings


How Exercise Honors Your Body

  • Forget militant exercise. Just get active and feel the difference. Shift your focus to how it feels to move your body, rather than the calorie burning effect of exercise.
    Find joyful ways of moving your body, and let go of obligatory and punishing exercise
  • Apply intuitive eating skills to your relationship with physical activity
    Recognize your body’s cues about movement and rest
  • Learn how to stop using exercise to compensate for your eating


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Why You Can No Longer Afford To Diet & Feel Miserable Around Food…



  • Research has proven that dieting can backfire AND mess up your metabolism
  • 95% of dieters can’t keep the weight off, and when they gain it back they often gain MORE than they weighed before
  • What’s healthy for one person might not be healthy for YOU.
  • The body has an innate wisdom beyond any book or authority.
  • Your body is the most powerful, least expensive and BEST dietary experimentation lab.
  • Your RELATIONSHIP with food & your body impacts your health more than the food you eat.
  • Symptoms, cravings and behaviors are not the problem, they are your only solutions till now.
  • Nourishment is about SO much more than just food!!!

“How Much Does BREAKING FREE: 6-Week Transform Your Relationship with Food & Body Cost?”

This is the exciting part…

I wanted to create this course for those of you who aren’t quite ready to work with me 1-on-1 yet, but are READY to quit dieting and FINALLY overcome your food struggles.
You see, my 1-on-1 intensive coaching package is $1,297 and a 60 minute session with me is $147…

That’s why I wanted to make this course as affordable & valuable as possible so that you can begin to feel the impact & transformation that is possible for you and your well-being!
This course is offered with me LIVE so that you can ask any questions during each workshop.

It’s your chance to get the BENEFITS of working with me 1-on-1 for a fraction of the cost.

For only $347 YOU can learn how to transform your relationship with food, reclaim your energy, & create lasting healthy habits in just 6-weeks!!!

Plus, you will get lifetime access to the course which includes any updates & additions that I make!

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***Limited to the first 15 people to sign up!!!

A laser coaching session to set you up for success to reach your goals

Specific action steps for you to take

Get your questions answered & schedule your call immediately



Reciting positive affirmations and mindfully setting intentions can have a powerful impact on our lives. What we think about multiplies, so by focusing on positive thoughts, we can bring positive outcomes into our realities.

This guide will share with you affirmations and strategies that have helped me improve my sense of self worth and learn to love my body.

Your Instructor & Coach:

Hi! I’m Tiffany, the Diet Break Up Mentor ™ and I’m passionate about helping chronic dieters break up with the pain of dieting and get the healthy body they love by embracing a mindful approach to eating.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve counted calories (and points), I’ve measured my food, and drank my meals. I’ve worked for hours on end and that only lead me to hating exercise. I know what it’s like to feel like I’ve tried every fad diet out there and not seeing the results I was hoping (and praying) for.

I struggled with yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, and sugar cravings. I spent years researching and learning everything I could about nutrition, health, and wellness. Now, I love to share my knowledge and tips from my personal experience of how I transformed the way I eat (and live) and how you can too! If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail at



“Working with Tiffany this past month has been amazing. She is so knowledgeable and listens to your goals. She helps you approach them without dieting. She teaches you to love your body the way it is and approach a healthy lifestyle with intuitive eating. I have learned so much from Tiffany it’s hard to put it into words. If you are tired of dieting and want to learn ways to change your lifestyle in a healthy way Tiffany is the coach you want. I highly recommend Tiffany.”


Katherine Morris.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly do I get when I sign up?

Great question! You will get 6 online Trainings with me & 6-weeks of motivational e-mails, printable PDF resources, and unlimited e-mail support for 6 weeks! PLUS, the 2 bonuses delivered immediately!

How is the course delivered?

You will receive one module, each week for four weeks via e-mail. Each module is a video slideshow which is approximately 30 minutes. You will also receive a workbook and the slides to have for reference.

Nothing has worked for me! How do I know this course will be different?

Well, that answer is really up to you. Do you want to transform your relationship with food and feel amazing in your body? Are you willing to do the work it takes to form lasting healthy habits? I’ll do my best to provide you with the necessary tools and practical steps to achieve your goals, but you must be committed and actually, do the work.

Will this course help me lose weight?

The focus of this course is not on weight loss, but on adopting healthy habits that may change your life. Although some participants may lose weight by adopting healthier habits others may not. I want the focus of this course to be all FEELING better in your body and learning to nourish it on a daily basis.

Will this course be offered again?

I’m in the process of updating and revamping this course. It won’t be offered until March 2019 and the price will be increasing to $347! I recommend taking it now while it is available at a significant discount and you will still received the revamped course in 2019 for no additional cost!

Enroll Now for Only $347
or two payments of $175

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