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Improving Your Self Image and Why You Might Want To Avoid Women’s Magazines

Two recent studies by the University of Massachusetts and Stanford University found that 70% of college women say they feel worse about their own looks after reading women’s magazines.

70% Feel Worse. Let that sink in for a moment, because that means that nearly every one of those women walked away from that magazine feeling like they weren’t good enough.

The very magazines that are marketed to and for women apparently do more to destroy their self image than anything else. That’s tragic.

Women's magazines

In our culture, it seems that more and more emphasis is placed on an impossible air brushed and photoshopped ideal of what women are supposed to look like. Making matters even worse is the fact that most diet and health programs further this agenda by promising this same impossible ideal to anyone who has 30 days to lose 30 pounds and get a perfectly toned set of – whatever – just by doing their diet. When that diet fails, like so many of them do, the negative self image is even more ingrained into that woman’s psyche. It’s a cycle that continues with each attempt until she eventually believes that, not only is she not beautiful, she could never become beautiful, so she stops trying altogether.

Even worse is the fact that many women who do reach that ideal weight discover that they still feel insecure about their bodies. Their ears aren’t symmetrical, their nose is too small, their hair is too thin, and now other things are too small.


One of my missions is to destroy the lies that are destroying the lives of women in our nation and around the world. I take a different focus to health, weight loss, and self image. Building your self image on something so temporary in life as how you measure up to a fake person inside of a magazine is a doomed endeavor from the very start.

Let me encourage you today to stop pursuing something so fleeting as a stereotypical body and start pursing a healthy life– body, soul, spirit, and community. If that involves losing weight, then I’m here to help you with that because I know that struggling with weight can steal much of the ‘living’ out of life. Our focus though is always to become whole. It’s important for you to learn to love yourself for reasons much greater than the way you look. You need to love yourself because you are a beautiful being. You possess unique gifts, abilities, and attributes that can make this world and your own life a much better place if you simply have the courage to release them.

Dear friend, you are beautiful… right now… and you are deeply adored and I want you to see that beauty in yourself.



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