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How many Mondays have you woken up determined that THIS diet would be the one to change your life?You know what I’m talking about…

You know the drill. Yout cut out everything you live. Count calories (or points). Obsess over everything you put in your mouth. Feel deprived. Hungry. Blow up at the kids and your husband because you’re miserable. And then 3 days in, you throw in the towel.

Enough is enough

I’m Tiffany DeLuisi

The Diet Break Up Mentor

I help chronic dieters break up with the pain of dieting and healthy, sustainable results by embracing a mindful approach to eating.


I’ve been where you are. I’ve counted calories (and points), I’ve measured my food, and drank my meals. I’ve worked for hours on end and that only lead me to hating exercise. I know what it’s like to feel like I’ve tried every fad diet out there and not seeing the results I was hoping (and praying) for.

I believe that health isn’t defined by the number on the scale or the size of our jeans. There’s so much more to health than that. There’s also more than one way to lose weight, in a healthy way, that doesn’t include deprivation and feeling like we’d rather eat dirt than continue another day on another dreadful diet.

I believe that most disease is treatable and preventable through proper nutrition and lifestyle change (including reducing stress and getting more sleep). I believe there no “one size fits all” approach to getting healthy. It’s about feeling comfortable in your skin without taking extreme unhealthy measures while reclaiming your energy and vitality.


I am a mom of 2 boys  (8 and 4). I have a BS degree in Education and spent 8 years teaching 3rd and 4th graders before I became a full-time mom. My own weight loss journey lead me to becoming a Certified Health Coach through the Health Coach Institute because I wanted to help other women ditch the diets and lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way.  In early 2017, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and wanted to learn how to treat my symptoms in a holistic way.  I then got certified as an Gut Health Specialist from the AADP (American Association of Drug-less Practitioners) . I love to learn and am constantly looking for more ways in which I can be of service to my clients.

I call myself the Diet Break Mentor and I’m passionate about helping chronic dieters break up with the pain of dieting and take responsibility for their health so that they can experience more energy, lose weight, and enjoy life without dieting and deprivation.

What we don’t realize is that “weight gain” is a symptom of something not working correctly in our body. Our body is out of balance in some way.  Usually our gut has something to do with that unbalance.  Another “diet” won’t fix the problem.  That’s like putting a band-aid on a broken bone.

My approach is about finding the underlying reasons for your symptoms and addressing them in a holistic and natural way, instead of just treating them with another pill.I don’t believe in fad diets, but instead, working together to determine what is right for YOU and YOUR body. There is no one else like you, and there is no perfect solution that will work for everyone.

I help you find the underlying issue that’s causing, not only weight gain, but also bloating, unpleasant and unexpected digestive issues, low energy, poor mental clarity.  You can take back control of your health and life.  I’m here to tell you that it is possible.  With the right mentoring, you can reach success on your health journey.

3 Steps to Losing Weight Without Dieting


Eat Real Food

Eat food that is nourishing to your body and avoid food that leads to inflammation and weight gain. The focus is on choosing food that is nutrient dense and will support your health instead of worrying about how many calories, fat grams, or carbs you are eating.


Listen to Your Body

Learn how to pay attention to the signals your body gives you so that you can eat the perfect amount of food for your body without counting calories…while still being able to lose weight.


Improve Your Relationship With Food

Address any reasons or situations that cause you to eat when you’re not hungry, discover how to take care of yourself so you don’t turn to food for comfort, and learn how to eat mindfully so you naturally eat less food without feeling deprived.



What is Health Coaching?

What I have found is that most people have a pretty good idea of what they need to do to lose weight, but for one reason or another, they just aren’t doing it or can’t stick with it.

So my role as a health coach is to help you bridge that gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it. Through health coaching, we will dig deep into your weight loss goals, uncover the real obstacles that are preventing you from losing weight, and, most importantly, find ways to lose weight that actually work for you and that you can stick with!

When you have a private health coach, you are no longer on this journey alone. You will have someone who will truly listen to what you want and to the struggles you face. You will have someone who is just as committed to you losing weight and feeling amazing in your body as you are. And you will have someone who will help you be accountable to the goals you set for yourself.

Health coaching is a highly personalized and tailor-made experience because every person has their own unique set of goals, challenges, obstacles, and strengths. So rest assured, you will not be expected to follow a rigid set of rules and guidelines that won’t fit into your life or get you the results you want.

In short, as your personal health coach, I am committed to your success and will offer you support, guidance, encouragement, and accountability so that you can lose weight, feel confident in your body, and comfortable in your clothes!





  • Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the body, health & life you want
  • Develop a powerful vision for ditching dieting, and what that will mean for your health and your life
  • Discover which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing your body down…and what to do about it
  • Get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to create a healthy transformation in just 90 days

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