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4 Common Questions About Emotional Eating

4 Common Questions About Emotional Eating

For over 3 years I have worked closely with dozens women to help them achieve their highest health potential. I noticed one common challenge that they shared and this was emotional eating, dieting/binging and simply feeling crazy around food.  I am passionate about helping women create freedom with food and their bodies and one way I do that is by addressing emotional eating. 

I get a lot of questions about my strategies for ending the emotional eating roller coaster and I how I help my clients end the craziness around food.  In this video, I answer 4 of the most comment questions/address most common concerns as it pertains to ditching the diet mentality and overcoming emotional eating.

Live Workshop:  How to Overcome Emotional Eating Once and For All

In this FREE live training, you’ll discover:

  • Why emotional eating is actually a GOOD thing and how you can learn to embrace it
  • How to stop reinventing the wheel and learn what works and what doesn’t – for real
  • What is keeping you stuck when it comes to emotional eating – so you can finally get unstuck
  • The step-by-step plan to stop letting emotional eating run your life




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