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How To Break Up With Your Emotional Eating Triggers

Emotional Eating Triggers

Do you feel like you struggle with emotional eating?

Today we are going to talk all about emotional triggers and learn to how stop what sets you off.

Being an emotional eater myself, this was something I needed to get a handle on. I’d love to tell you I’m a “former emotional eater,” but I’m all about transparency and there are times where it creeps back into my life. If I don’t have a plan on how to deal with my emotions, then I numb them out with food.

Let me start by saying that emotional eating is NOT  a bad thing!  We are all emotional eaters at some point.  The diet industry wants you to believe there’s something wrong with you if you ever eat emotionally.  I’m here to tell you that;s just not true. 

Emotional Eating Tool Box

Food can be part of your toolbox for dealing with negative emotions and can be used temporarily, but you have to have other coping strategies. So today, I wanted to share some strategies that I use personally and use with my clients that work.

So I’m going to go through the first step in learning to identify your emotional eating triggers. Now I say the first step because there are 3 steps but I am reserving those for my clients. All 3 steps are part of my 7-day Emotional Eating Plan.

Let’s dive in to the first strategy for overcoming emotional eating and then we’ll talk about the tactile implementation to change our behavior.



Jack Canfield who is the author of the Chicken Soup books says “It’s not what you don’t know that holds you back.  It’s what you do know that isn’t true.”

And I think that’s such a powerful statement.  Sometimes we are trying to fill in the holes and filling things in with what we do know, but we have to start to find out the real root of the issue.  The meal plans and the exercise isn’t the problem. It’s those emotional things that are holding us back.

What I share inside my 7-day Emotional Eating Plan is the other strategies for you to use to know when you’re emotionally eating while you’re in the moment. 

You’ll get the tools, information, and resources you need to finally stop letting food control your life. ONLY $37 (a $97 value) Also includes a 30- minute emotional eating consultation to help you dive deep and get to the root of your emotional eating.



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