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Do You Know the 4 Reasons Diets Fail?

Diets Fail

We’ve all heard that 95% of diets fail. Have you ever wondered what makes those successful 5% different?

I mean, a diet is a diet. Right?

After all, aren’t we supposed to just eat less and move more to lose weight?

Well, not quite.

You are a unique equation.

That’s why there are so many moving parts in choosing the right diet for you. In fact, it is would be impossible to find an out-of-the-box program that is an ideal fit for everyone.

Dieters don’t fail. Diets do!

I know what you must be thinking… women who have successfully lost weight with (insert program name). And, what about the magazine that boasts about women who are “half their size” or the infomercial promising 90-day transformations?

Usually, those stories and “after” photos only capture a moment in time prior to their return to the “before” version, once again. Because maintaining a diet long term is not biologically possible..

And THAT is why diets fail us…


Here are 4 reasons why diets fail:


  1. Diets don’t take into account your individuality– and you can’t keep up.

One-size-fits-all diet plans do not adjust to your available time, energy, resources, wants, needs, and personality.

What are you supposed to do if you hate eggs, don’t have time on Sunday to food prep, and can’t do a thousand squats because of a college injury?

Diet plans fail you because they don’t flex with your life.

  1. Diets disconnect us from our body’s signals.

When how much, what, and when you eat is dictated by a diet, you begin to lose sight of your own body’s nutritional needs.

That first diet wrecked me!

It taught me that being hungry meant being ravenous… not at all what God had intended for my body.

And being full (because I binged in response to the restrictions) meant being stuffed to the gills…

Those hunger and fullness cues that can guide us to a healthy weight vanished right along with my sanity around food.

  1. Diets create all-or-nothing thinking that keeps us overweight.

With diets, you are “on” or “off”. You are being “good” or “bad”. There is no gray.

And, let’s be honest, how realistic is it to think that you are going to be 100% compliant for 90, 60, or even 30 days?

Not very.

Diets triggered my perfectionism.

One small “infraction” on my food plan prompted me to spend the rest of the day eating like I’d just finished a marathon. All while promising, “Tomorrow, I’ll eat perfectly.”

That, my friend, is a recipe for emotional eating and weight gain.

  1. Diets are not sustainable.

The way you lose the weight is pretty much going to be the way you maintain your weight loss (with a little wiggle room).

If you leaned down eating bacon and butter, then your results will likely go the way of the dinosaur when you reintroduce all things glorious bread.

You see, diets ask us to change too much, too quickly and it’s simply not sustainable.

Think of it this way…

You’re starting a new diet next week. This means on Sunday you are eating all the things you “can’t” starting tomorrow.

Monday rolls around and now you will have to learn and implement an entirely new way of eating. You’ll be planning, shopping, cooking, prepping, packing, and eating in a completely foreign way.

For most, the excitement propels them through the first few days or weeks but then life hits. And these habits that weren’t quite habits yet fall by the wayside.

Totally changing how you eat is like going from reading about karate to being in a black belt tournament with a master.

We just. don’t. change. that. way.

If you have tried diets and crashed and burned, this does not mean that you are a failure. You just need a new strategy.

So, what’s this strategy exactly?

I promise this– it’s not just another diet wrapped up in a “healthy lifestyle” package.

This will be easy to implement AND get you the results you’ve been longing for. I’ll share more with you in the next few emails.

Do you feel chained to the dieting roller-coaster?

Are you like millions of others, you’re sick of bland, low-fat boxed meals, incorrect information, so-called magic pills, and fad diets? I was too. I’ve been where you are, frustrated and annoyed with trying to lose weight when life is pulling you in every other direction. Just like you, I knew I wanted to lose weight, feel good, get healthier, and gain access to that natural source of energy I so dearly missed. I was ready to commit, but unsure where to turn to do it.

That’s why I created 5 Tips to Ditch the Diet and Transform Your Body, a free eBook.

Inside of this guide you’ll find 5 easy steps you can take to start losing weight without going on another diet.

*You’ll learn how to create daily habits that will allow you to maintain long term results.
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