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5 Tips to help you stay consistent in meeting your goals.

Remember when….
You wanted to do that really cool thing.  You started it… But never finished?

But now you have an idea!
There’s something you really want to do.  And you’re ready to jump in and do it!

This time you’re serious!
This new thing is MAJOR and it’s going to make you the Champion of your Life!  You have to do it!

Can you relate?  I wish I could tell you that I’m the queen on consistency and I have it all together, but I’d be lying.  However, these 5 things help me stay consistent in meeting my goals.

1. One thing at a time.

I’m a multi passionate person with lots of ideas.  So I get really excited when a new thing comes along.  I usually end up doing waaaaay too many things at once and I can’t be consistent at all of them.  Let’s face it… there’s just not enough time in the day.  So, it’s important to list out all the things you need to do to meet your goal and then focus on ONE of them at a time until it becomes a habit.

2. Plan

Use a calendar to write down the habits you need to do to meet that goal.  If your goal is to lose weight and the habit you plan to do to help you do that is to exercise 5 days a week, you’ve got to schedule that into your day.  Don’t expect to just squeeze it in.

Same goes for if you have a goal to make a certain amount of money with your business each month. There are certain activities you need to do to make that happen.  You’ve got to plan those activities. They won’t just happen on their own.

3. Remind yourself

When we start something new, we are developing new habits.  I wish those habits would form overnight by sheer willpower, but they don’t.  You need to do them on a regular basis before they become “habits.”  So set a reminder to make sure you get these things done or else it will be time for bed and you’ll say, “I forgot to ……”

Let say you want to start drinking more water.  Set a reminder on your phone to remind you to fill up your water bottle and get drinking.

Maybe you want to do a Facebook Live every day at 2:00 pm.  Set an alarm on your phone so you remember to jump on and connect with your audience.

4. Track it

Whatever you’re doing, find a way to track your progress.  I keep a 6 Most Important Things list inside my planner.  This is how I track my habits.  Now, I’m not always working on 6 habits, so 3-4 of them are habits (take my vitamins, do FB live, exercise, etc) then the other things are things I specifically have to do that day, but I don’t do them every day (write a blog, meal plan, coaching call).

We start to see our progress when we track our daily habits.  You can look back on your week and see where you struggled and what you can do to improve or you can celebrate your wins.  Tracking can be as simple as a list and checking it off!

5. Reward yourself

This the best one!  Reward yourself when you stick to those habits that get you closer to your goal. Don’t wait until you’ve lost 50 lbs, reward yourself for doing the things that will eventually get you there (If you know how I feel about weight loss, you know what I celebrate the habits more than the weight loss itself… different blog idea).

If you exercised 5 days this week, rewarded yourself with a new iTunes download.  Got in all your water?  Treat yourself to a fun, new water bottle.  Saved $100 towards that family vacation because you stopped going to Starbucks for a month, treat yourself to a Starbucks for making it happen.

Be creative!  It doesn’t have to be expensive or cost money at all.  What is something that would make you excited to do to reward yourself for putting in the work?



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