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7 Reasons Why the Bathroom Scale is Causing You to Self Sabotage

I used to be best friends with my scale (maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration… maybe not).

Every single morning I would step on that scale. Even when I wasn’t trying to lose weight.

Why did I do this? I have no clue. Maybe it was because it became a habit, but let me tell you it was not a great habit.

Each day when the scale would go up, I would be left feeling defeated or discouraged. I didn’t look any different on the outside, but that number showing up on the scale could really affect my mood.

Finally, I decided to ditch the scale and stop giving it the power it had over me.

The benefits of giving up the scale have been life changing.

I feel happier, more motivated, and even fit into those skinny jeans I had been holding on to for years.

If you are still hesitant, read my reasons for why you should ditch the scale:

1. The Scale Lies

The scale is not accurate. There are too many factors beyond your control that can affect that number on the scale. The time of day it is, what you just ate, how much water you drank, how much muscle vs. fat you have, ect.


2. Muscle Weighs More than Fat

If you are working out and eating healthy, chances are you are building muscle and the reason for the increase on the scale may simple be muscle weight. There is no way to decipher between the two so it is just better to stay off the scale.


3. You Will Get Discouraged

When you go to weigh yourself and realize you gained 3 pounds overnight and it took you weeks to lose those 3 pounds you will be left discouraged. This will not motivate you to eat better or work out, it may just make you give up right then and there. If it’s not motivating at all, get rid it.


4. You’ll Learn to Be More Intuitive

When you get rid of the scale, you learn to pay attention to how you actually feel and look. You will be more intune with your energy and health which will help you continue to make healthy choices. You will also be more aware of the way your jeans fit which can be more motivating than seeing you lost barely 2 pounds.


5. You’ll Find Your Natural Weight

You will find your natural weight and you will feel energized and healthy. You can, and most likely will, still lose weight. You won’t need to know that number on the scale that fluctuates daily. You will be satisfied with how you feel and look that you won’t even care about the number.


6. You Will Be Happier

Yes, you will be happier. The only thing the scale does is make you feel a whole lot of mixed emotions. One day you’re happy you lost two pounds the next you’re sad you gained 3 pounds. Since we know the scale lies, it’s just pointless to put yourself through that roller coaster.


7. Size Doesn’t Matter

Last, but definitely, not least. Your size does not matter. The number on a scale does not matter. You are fabulous just as you are. The way you feel and how healthy you are is up to you. A skinny person isn’t necessarily healthy and neither is a bigger person necessarily unhealthy. Every individual is unique and it’s more important to focus on your health than it is to focus on your weight.

So, are you convinced? Are you ready to ditch your scale?

Health is not a cookie cutter journey. What works for me, may not work for you. It’s important to see and try different options. If it isn’t’ working for you, do something different for Pete’s sake! (that’s my grandpa talking)

My programs are about all the things that make up your wellness: mindset, stress management, nutrition, exercise, sleep supplementation, and education! It’s also about grace. It meets you where you are and offers HOPE. It’s encouragement and support.


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