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5 Tips For Eating Healthy On The Go

We all have busy lives and schedules.  I’m a mom and between work, school, kid’s soccer practice, and all of the other wonderful responsibilities we have, it can sometimes feel like there is no time to eat healthy food. We are also more likely to reach for something quick and highly processed due to being overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.

But, eating healthy on the go doesn’t have to be a struggle. The best way to avoid any obstacles is to always be prepared.


Here are my best tips for eating healthy on the go:

  1. Eat Whole Foods: Say buh-bye to the processed foods and reach for some real nutrient dense food that will leave you feeling satisfied. Fruit, vegetables, and nuts can all be quick and easy to grab.

  2. Meal Prep: By preparing your meals for the week you will always have food ready to be quickly devoured. Set aside some time at the beginning of each week to dedicate to preparing nutritious meals. You don’t need to prepare every single meal ahead, but just having a few meals ready to go will be so helpful on those busy nights
  3. Eat Leftovers: Leftovers are always a great idea for quick lunches and/or dinners. Don’t let that food go to waste and make sure to eat it when you are running low on time.
  4. Smoothies: I’m a smoothie lover and love to make a big batch of smoothies in the beginning of the week and freeze them. I always make sure to have one in the fridge ready to go when I need a quick pick me up. They are great way to get a bunch of nutrients and can be taken with you in the car.
  5. Keep Snacks with You at All Times: I love to keep clementines, lara bars, nuts, and/or little packages of almond butter in my purse in case hunger strikes. This is a great way to keep you from running to the drive through or convenience store to buy a quick, highly processed snack.



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