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What will you do TODAY to improve your happiness?

Self-care is the act of doing things for yourself that can help lift your mood and make you happier. There are a variety of different forms of self-care: physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual. All aspects of self-care are extremely important to your overall being.

As women, I think we tend to put self-care on the back burner while we take care of our families.  I think we feel we are being selfish if we take time for ourselves.  I know I’ve not always been great at taking time to care for myself emotionally, socially or spiritually.  Self-care is about more than the occasional massage or getting your nails done.  So, this month, I’ve turned to the experts in self-care.  Conducting interviews with other women who have learned how to incorporate self-care into their daily routines.

Today, I’m interviewing Shelly Robinson and we’re talking all about her self-care subscription box.

Shelly Robinson is the owner of Alively, a self-care subscription box for moms packed with wellness goodies and empowering activities designed to help you put the pep back in your step and the spunk back in your spirit. Think of it as self-care on cruise control.

Her mission in life is to be a seed planter, a hope spreader, and a truth teller so that moms know down to their core that they are worthy of a happy, purposeful life.

You can get the Alively box at and use the promo code FREESHIP to get free shopping on your first box.



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