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10 Best Non Alcoholic Healthy Cocktails (Mocktails)

Today I have a little secret to share with you.

It has everything to do about holidays and drinks.

Can you guess what it is?

The secret is that I have the biggest love-hate relationship with any drink that’s spiked with alcohol.

I love the taste or red wine, but I find that even just a few sips can give me an awful headache and make me feel sick all through the next day.

I believe in eating healthy food as much as possible and anything that makes me feel so sick and miserable the next day can’t possibly be healthy or good for you.

The difficult thing about this is that I often feel left out during the holidays, when everyone is enjoying warm wine, hot punch, or tons of spiked cocktails.

I find that just raising my glass with water or juice to toast feels a bit lackluster.

Can you relate to this?

This year I decided to play around with mocktails so that I can actually enjoy drinking something special during the holidays and without risking a potential hangover waiting to happen the next day.

All of these mocktails are also fairly healthy and made with clean ingredients, so you can truly sip on guilt-free!

I’ve been trying out lots and lots of different recipes and I’m happy to report that I have gathered quite the collection of delicious, festive drinks.

From mock sangria and margaritas, to non-alcoholic cinderellas and mojitos, I’ve found the perfect recipes for whatever healthy mocktail your heart desires.

Here is my list of the top 10 non-alcoholic cocktails you can enjoy this holiday season.

10 Best Non Alcholic Healthy Cocktails

1) Cranberry Limeade Sparkling Mocktail Recipe

10 Best Non Alchoholic Healthy Cocktails (Mocktails)

Make this Cranberry Limeade Sparkling Mocktail recipe for your next holiday party. It’s to perfect festive mocktail for Christmas and New Year’s!


2) Cinderella Recipe: A Fruity Mocktail Everyone Will Love

10 Best Non Alchoholic Healthy Cocktails (Mocktails)

The Cinderella is an easy mix of three juices, grenadine, and ginger ale. The fruit juices create a tart base that is mellowed by the sweetness of the grenadine and you can adjust it to make it as sweet as you like.

~Colleen, THE SPRUCE

3) Sparkling Peach Sunrise Mocktail Recipe

10 Best Non Alchoholic Healthy Cocktails (Mocktails)

It is a twist on the Virgin Sunrise, with peach instead of orange juice and a little soda added to liven up the drink.

~Colleen, THE SPRUCE

4) Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

10 Best Non Alcoholic Healthy Cocktails (Mocktails)

Simple, wholesome, all natural mocktail made with fresh strawberries, fresh mint and fresh limes.


5) Mock Sangria

10 Best Non Alcoholic Healthy Cocktails (Mocktails)

A delicious non-alcoholic fruit punch.


6) Virgin Margarita Recipe

10 Best Non Alcoholic Healthy Cocktails (Mocktails)

This drink makeover takes a classic margarita recipe and makes it into a virgin margarita with a secret ingredient that makes it over the top delicious! Margaritas are really the perfect party drink and offering a non-alcoholic option makes a fun drink for everyone to enjoy!


7) Frost Bite Mocktail Recipe


8) Non Alcoholic Moscow Mules

10 Best Non Alchoholic Healthy Cocktails (Mocktails)

This recipe for Non Alcoholic Moscow Mules is something you’ll want to have anytime!

~Courtney, SWEET C’S

9) Elderflower Mint Lemonade / Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe

10 Best Non Alchoholic Healthy Cocktails (Mocktails)

It’s easily adaptable into an alcoholic drink (and tastes delicious, I might add) with the addition of a measure of rum. It’s also easy to whip up and doesn’t take any wacky ingredients. It’s a crowd pleaser no matter what way you make it!


10) Mint, Lime And Ginger Splash

10 Best Non Alchoholic Healthy Cocktails (Mocktails)

A non-alcoholic cocktail.


Which mocktails sounds so good you can’t wait to try out? Let me know in the comments down below…

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