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How Well Do Diets Work?

Now I have a difficult question- How effective was that diet at helping you achieve the goals you identified above?

In my life, each ensuing diet left me with less self-control and more self-hate. Yes, sometimes I did lose weight throughout my journey but the pain of gaining it back far outweighed the spurts of excitement that came with the loss. How happy can one be when starving and obsessed after all. That was me, starved and obsessed.

It looks like this- we “fail” and we try again.


The dieting industry is unique in that it boasts a 5% success rate. Think about it- 5%! And still billions of people flock to its doors each year. As a nation we pour more money into diets than any other country in the world and yet we top the charts in obesity and obesity-related diseases. Imagine if any other industry had a 95% failure rate. There is NO way they would still be in business.

And yet, when we fall off the dieting bandwagon one more time, we blame ourselves and then we go buy another one. We really are duped!


Thankfully there is another way! I will be the first to tell you I am NOT about a quick fix. To find freedom AND health AND happiness, you are going to need to do some work.

Next week, my Healthy Habits: Time to Ditch the Diet kicks off.  I won’t be sharing meal plans that promise fat loss but I will be telling you about how to listen to your body, discipline your mind, and feed your spirit SO that you can reach those goals that led you to a diet in the first place.

IF YOU’VE TRIED EVERY DIET IN EXISTENCE (PLUS made up a few of your own) and you’re STILL struggling with your weight, then JOIN US for this 5-day challenge.

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