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Secret #2: Today I Spill the (Sugar Free) Jelly Beans

Today is the day I spill the (sugar free) jelly beans on one of the biggest secrets the diet industry doesn’t want you to know!

We all set goals, whether they be health goals, financial goals, or something else.  Even when we set goals we know we should make them SMART goals, but what we don’t talk about is today’s secret #2.

Your Why!

Knowing why you want to achieve that goal and why it’s important to you is the secret ingredient to actually making it become a reality.  Dive deep and find that why that’s so strong that when you want to throw in the towel, it keeps you moving forward.

Maybe you want to be able to play with your kids without getting winded.  Maybe you want to walk up the stairs without knee pain.  Maybe diabetes runs in your family and you don’t want to be another family statistic.  What is is for you?

Have A Plan

You can’t just set a goal and then do nothing about it.  You have to decide what you need to do to meet that goal, and plan to do it daily.  You’ve probably heard the saying, “A goal without a plan is just a dream.”  The plan is what makes your goal become a reality.

Block out some time to write down your plan, then get your hustle on & work it!

Set out your time blocks:
6:00-6:15 I put in contacts, get dressed and get my water.
6:15-6:45 I exercise
7:30 Eat Breakfast

If you have a plan and something you’re trying to stick to, you have a system you can work on until it becomes a habit.

I want to connect with you.  How did today’s assignment go?  

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