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It’s Not About Being Skinny. It’s About Becoming Whole.

Aiming For Skinny

Skinny is the goal, right!? Isn’t that what we’re aiming for. We want to be able to stand in front of the mirror without sucking it all in and not hate what we see for a change. Right?

It’s not about getting skinny. It’s about being whole!

The thing is, we have to look beyond the mirror and turn our evaluating gaze inward instead of outward once in a while. Ask yourself the question, why do you need to be skinny?

Is it so that you’ll finally feel like you’re a ‘normal’ person? Is it so that you’ll finally be beautiful enough to deserve a relationship? Is it so that you can prove to someone else that you’re not weak and without self-control? Why do you want to be ‘skinny’?

Is it so that you can finally become a part of this ridiculous image of what true beauty is that our culture has elevated to ‘idol’ status? Guess what, even if you do make the club, age will eventually take you out of it again, and there’s nothing you can do about that.

Becoming Whole

The root of the issue for many of us striving to get skinny is that we don’t accept ourselves, we don’t love ourselves, and we don’t place any significant worth or value on the person living inside our body and longing to be cherished.

Too many people turn to weight loss to fill voids that go much deeper than surface appearances. If they fail at weight loss, they hammer another nail into the coffin of their self worth, and even if they do succeed they find new flaws to replace the old ones. ‘My hair is too stringy, my cheekbones are too big, my skin is too blotchy… the list goes on.’

The problem they find is that getting skinny isn’t the greatest need in their life. The true need is the emptiness and longing that must be met, the inner desperation that we’ve been unsuccessfully trying to satisfy with more and more food. That’s the real issue! It’s about extending grace to yourself. It’s about loving the flawed and imperfect human being who lives within our flawed and imperfect body. It’s about filling the voids that society’s ideals of perfection have created and moving forward as one who is ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’. 

A Different Approach to Weight Loss

It may seem contradictory to invite you to find out more about our program at the end of a post like this, but I feel that it’s really the perfect time because my ‘weight loss program’ is really about SO MUCH MORE than just weight loss. Sure, you’re going to move into a healthy place as part of the process, but what you’re going to find along the journey is something far far more valuable than the ability to shop at that designer clothing store. You’re going to find the beautiful soul that you are, and you’re going to find out that you like that person!

If you’d like to find out more, contact me today!



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