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Wedding Day Syndrome

Do you suffer from wedding day syndrome?

Health and weight loss are a process, not a magical event we arrive at one day.

Once we understand that being healthy is a process that never ends, we get that any change we make takes time. Becoming hyper focused on the event only leads to failure and causes us to make unrealistic lifestyle changes.

What is wedding day syndrome?

I think of it like this.  We spend so much time preparing and planning for a wedding.  So much goes into picking the perfect venue, the perfect dress, and the perfect cake.  Everything is fabulous and perfect for your big day (the event) and then when your wedding day is over, then what?

We see our “wedding day” as the happiest day of our life, but you might be married for 50+ years.  You could have hundreds or even thousands of happiest days in that time.  Your marriage is the process.  It’s a lifelong of getting to know your significant other, loving each other and making happy memories.

Wedding day syndrome is only focusing on the event (your wedding day) and not focusing on the process (the rest of your marriage).

How does this relate to weight loss?

Have you ever caught yourself saying things like, “I need to lose weight before…”

  • Our vacation
  • My class reunion
  • My wedding
  • Summer swimming suit season

We do whatever it takes to look good for that even and then once it’s over, it’s back to our same old habits that caused the weight gain in the first place.  I get it.  I’ve been guilty of this myself.

When we focus on the “event,” we thing that weight loss is a one time event.  Once you do it, you’re good to go.  But it’s this mindset that causes 95% of all dieters to gain back the weight and even a little extra.

Process vs Event Mindset

Our health is a process.  Same goes for when you are trying to lose weight.  Even when you reach your ideal weight, you still need to focus on your health so we don’t backslide.  When we’re focused on the event (vacation, wedding, reunion, etc) our heads aren’t in it for the long haul.  That’s when we usually slip back into our old patterns that set our health and weight into the danger zone to begin with.

We have to have intrinsic motivation.  That’s what will keep us going.  If you’re focused on the event, there’s nothing motivating you beyond the event.  Why keep going?

That’s why focusing on health habits and building them one step at a time is key to sustainable weight loss.  It’s great if you want to lose 10 lbs by the Fourth of July, but if you aren’t focused on your health beyond that event, you’ll be right back where you started in no time.  During the Ultimate Diet Break Up program, I’ll teach you how to reframe your mindset to be focused on the process and achieving sustainable results so you don’t backslide and find yourself in search of a new diet in 6 months.

Look, you know the deal.

There’s a fine line between dreamers and doers.

People who never change their reality are the ones who say, “Yeah… I should really do that” or “I’ll do it later”… and then take no action.

And there are the ones who take instant action and succeed.

Which one of the two are you?

Sign up to Ultimate Diet Break Up today and meet the goals you said you’d meet – it is that simple.



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