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3 Major Mindset Shifts Those That Achieve Their Goals Make

As a heath coach, I work with people on many different issues.

From stress eating, cleanses, to weight control and clean eating.

And the more clients I work with 1-1, the more the following becomes clear to me:

Everyone’s trying to improve their health

Whether they want to lose weight, clear their skin, look great in those skinny jeans or shed post-baby pounds.

But there’s a big difference between trying to improve your health and actually doing something about it, right?

The sad truth is this:

Most people will spend more time trying to do something than actually doing it.

What’s the difference between those that try and those that do?

I’ll come onto that in a moment.

But first let me ask you:

How many times do you set yourself a health goal and then:

  • Watch healthy recipe videos on YouTube
  • Follow fitness experts on Instagram
  • Join a gym and then never go


Is that really a way to live?

All this time, when you’re thinking and procrastinating about your health and body …

All this time when you’re planning to do something about it …

All this time when you’re watching videos and looking at Instagram photos …

… people are actually losing weight, looking sexy and smashing their health goals.

You owe it to yourself to make a change today.

Let me tell you something:

I work with a lot of clients 1-1.

And while they all come to me with different problems with their health, I see a major difference between those that say they want to meet their goals and those that actually meet them.

And the difference is mindset.

Here are three major mindset shifts those that achieve their goals make:

  1. Another diet isn’t the answer. You have to built healthy habits one at a time for sustainable results.
  2. There’s no “perfect” weight or size. You have to find a healthy weight for YOUR body.
  3. It’s not about “eat less & move more.” You can eat real food and lose weight without counting calories (or points)

Something for you to think about: Which one of those mindset shifts will you have to make today?


To help you with this journey, I’ve put together some of my best health and weight loss material for you.

Keep an eye out for my next blog. I’ll reveal the fastest way to lose weight when you don’t have any time to focus on it.

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