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How To Achieve Optimal Health Through Power of the Calorie

The power of the calorie impacts not only the body, but specifically the brain.

We’ve been told that our health is dependent on “calories in, calories out.”  It’s the idea that as long as we are burning the same  calories as we consume, we’re OK.  If we burn more calories than we consume, we’ll lose weight.  So we count our calories and think, “I can eat this cinnamon roll as long as I stay within my calorie intake the rest of the day.”

Not All Calories Are Created Equal

The calorie is a measure of energy. All “calories” have the same energy content.

However, this does NOT mean that all calorie sources have the same effects on your body.

Different foods go through different metabolic pathways and can have vastly different effects on hunger and the hormones that regulate body weight.

For example, I think we know that eating an apple is much healthier than eating a doughnut.  But what we don’t stop to think about is that the doughnut is void of nay nutrients.  The apple is full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  It’s those nutrients that fuel our bodies and our brains.

Have you ever eaten a “not-so-healthy” meal and then felt hungry 30 minutes later?  That’s because that meal had little to no nutrients.  When you eat, your hormones send a signal to your brain that that will trigger a sense of being full and satisfied based on the nutrients the body has received.  If you’ve not given your body enough nutrients, it will tell you so by being hungry again.  You’re body can’t survive without proper nutrients, so it goes into survival mode to get the nutrients it needs.

Calories & Your Brain

When we think  in terms of calories, we almost always focus on their effect on our body (and usually weight).  But have you stopped to think about how the calories you consume effect your brain?

Think about what you had for breakfast.  What did those calories tell your brain?

Did it fuel your brain with nutrients to have energy, to think clearly, to be productive?  Or is your brain going to be more focused on finding nutrients because it’s been without any nutrients for 10-12 hours?  You won’t function optimally if you don’t fuel your brain.

This is about optimal wellness.  You need a healthy brain too.  Your brain controls everything else in the body, so if it’s not healthy, everything else will suffer.

Next time you eat, ask yourself, “What message am I sending to my brain when I consume these calories?”  Let’s compare a delicious, yummy cheeseburger and dark green leafy and colorful salad.

Which one is going to send your body and brain the message of love, energy, and vitality?

The power of the calorie is essential to balancing your health!

We have to look at a calorie as more than just a number.  When you eat food you crave, that junk, fast, or crazy fried food, the power of the calorie is depreciated.

If you want the power of the calorie to work for you, what can you do right now?

Keep It Simple Strategy

Fuel Your Body & Brain!

  • Know what you eat now.
  • Pick ONE meal to focus on.
  • Eat nutrient-dense foods
    • REAL food
    • Eat leafy greens and vegetables
    • Sprinkle in some fruit. Think berries.
    • Eat a colorful plate.
    • Always have protein with every meal.

The power of the calorie impacts your success in life.




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