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How To Be Gentle With Your Anxiety (Part 2)

Yesterday I shared with you 3 tried, true and tested ways to be gentle with your anxiety. Today I want to share with you 4 additional ways you can take care of yourself when you’re dealing with anxiety.

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  • Support from those around you

This is something I have really struggled with over the years. I am quite an emotional person, and growing up sometimes I’d get sad for a few days at a time. If it went on too long, or was a bit too intense I’d be told that it was affecting the rest of the family and could I please stop. This was especially true with my extended family (aunts and grandparents).  They were right, and only trying to help, but it lead to me hiding a lot of my feelings because I didn’t want to hurt anyone else.

So now as an adult, I still struggle to express strong emotions to friends and family. But I was asked one day if I’d want MY friends, children or my husband to feel like that. Of course not. Would I judge my friends for being sad? Of course not. This person told me that it was actually disrespectful not to trust those close to me with my emotions and that they probably want to help. So, I think we can all start to work a little more from this place and trust each other with our feelings.

Letting people know I’m going through a hard time, and then seeing and feeling their support of me has been simply amazing. Let people in!

  • Accept your emotions, as bad as they might feel.

Whatever you feel, that’s ok. If you feel crappy for weeks on end, that’s ok. Fighting the negative emotions just adds to the anxiety, stress, and discomfort. Don’t try to solve or fix your feelings. Respect them for what they are and what they are trying to tell you.

I struggle with this mightily. I’m a ‘fixer’, but one of the best things I’m learning to do is let go of fixing these kinds of feelings. I try now to just let them be there and think about what they’re saying.

  • Sleep

Although sleeping might be difficult in times of high stress, it’s so helpful. It’s pretty personal though. I sometimes have really bad dreams when stressed, or have a lot of trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep. If you’re the same way, try some different sleep techniques, or just find something that does work for you.


You’ll be just fine

So, there are a few tips to get through really tough emotional times. Yes, it’s messy and painful, but you can come out of it with a positive outlook and some lessons learned. As always, if things do seem like they are too much, ask someone for help.

Tell me – is there anything you do during these times that works really well for you?



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