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Are You Ready to Silence the Voice of Self Doubt?

We all have that voice inside our head that whispers with confidence and clarity things like

“You can’t do it!”
“You’re going to fail!”
“No one care what you have to say!”
“There’s no way you’ll succeed.”

It’s that voice that crushes your dreams, devours your happiness and strips you mind of confidence.  It’s the voice of self doubt!  It confuses you and closes the doors to opportunities.  It becomes a virus that infects your mind, body and spirit.

Self doubt feeds off…

  1. Your failures
  2. Your questionable decisions
  3. Your negative surruondings
  4. Your disgust of yourself
  5. Your quits

Self doubt makes you question yourself and your decisions and is robbing you of your life.  Today, we’re going to do something about it.  It’s time to take action and fight back against the voice of self doubt.

What’s going t keep you going when self doubt creeps in?  You need a strategy to get you out of the the ditch and crush that voice that’s holding you back.

Today’s Keep It Simple Strategy:

Do something bigger than yourself!

Step 1: Ease your doubts by putting a twist on the negative and turn them into opportunities of growth.

Step 2: Build a support team.

Step 3: Dip into your joy jar.

Step 4: Love yourself where you are right now.

Step 5: Give yourself permission to keep going, try again and dream bigger.

Nothing is impossible but you have to crush the self doubt.  And you do that by doing something bigger than yourself.

Reflection:  One step at a time leads to miles of greatness!



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