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New Years Resolutions

Before you all embark on New Year resolutions, diets, detoxes and deprivation, I want to remind you of one thing:


It’s very simple. You are enough already. You don’t need to be slimmer, lighter, a different shape, bigger boobs, longer legs, or whatever….

Sure, make changes if you’re unhealthy and get fit if you currently sit around too much. But do it for YOU. Do it because you really want to inside. Eat healthy because it makes you feel good. Learn to cook so you can nourish yourself and your family. Exercise because you love how your body and mind feel afterwards; the clarity and focus it gives to your work or study.

When you make a change that is aligned with who you really are and your passions, desires, values and needs, then it becomes part of you and your journey rather than a chore or a temporary fix.

If you want to lose weight or get fit, it’s not that difficult. It isn’t rocket science. BUT, in order to create the easy-flowing, calm, happy lifestyle you dream of, you have to approach health and fitness from a different angle.

If you do it because you think you SHOULD, you’ll fail.
If you do it because everyone else is doing it, you’ll fail.
If you do it to get approval, attention or love, you’ll fail.

You HAVE to do it for YOU and because without it life just feels a bit wrong, a bit stuck, a bit like something is missing.

So before you set random weight and fitness goals this January, I’d like you to take some time to reflect on who you are, what you really want from life, what is important to you and what you’d like more of in your life in order to make it feel happier, more abundant and more special.

  1. What makes you really happy? Like, super-warm-and-fuzzy-happy? Is it being with your children, teaching others, travelling, writing…. Write down some of your thoughts.
  2. WHY do those things make you happy? What is it about the feelings that you get when you’re doing those things or in those places or with those people/animals? Add the word ‘because’ on to the end of every sentence you wrote in question 1, and fill in your feelings and emotions.
  3. Choose one of the things you’ve chosen in question 1 and reflect on how you could get more of that in your life. Could it be through voluntary work, a change of career, changing work hours, moving house, or something simple like swapping an hour of TV for an hour of learning a language every night…. ?
  4. Set an intention for 2017 to do more of that thing that makes you so warm and fuzzy. Whether it’s a daily, weekly or monthly activity, just set the intention to do it. Schedule it in your diary, pay upfront for something, join forces with a friend, send out the appropriate emails – whatever it takes to get it organised, do it.
  5. Spend a few minutes every day feeling gratitude for the things you have in your life already. Celebrate the changes you are making in your life and how you are sticking to those intentions. (Which you’ll stick to because they mean far more to you than an arbitrary weight loss).
With love,

Tiffany DeLuisi – The Diet Break Up Mentor a Health and Weight Loss Coach

I work with women to align their lifestyle and eating habits with who they really are on the inside. Working with your true passions and desires takes us beyond diets and deprivation to a place where life flows effortlessly and optimum health, weight and vitality are achieved naturally. In 2017, I am spreading my message with a new movement called ‘Project Me’ This will encourage people to focus on building healthy habits ONE step at a time to reach their health goals in 2017.

Join our private community, The Sisterhood of Healthy Living, and kick off 2017 with a supportive community of like-minded women who want to



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