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Thanksgiving is NOT the day for diets and rules!!

Happy Thanksgiving week! I thought I’d share a couple quick thoughts about how I’m going to celebrate this holiday from a food & a mindset perspective.

This week I’ve seen a lot of Facebook posts, emails and blogs from other health coaches with all the “rules” of what you should and shouldn’t eat this Thursday. And I started asking myself, “Have I fallen into that trap? Feeling like because I’m a health coach, I need to give the same information?” The answer is NO! because I don’t believe in most of what is being put out there. I believe in a little thing called Food Freedom.

Living a healthy life isn’t about having a list of rules of what we can eat, what we should avoid, what’s good and what’s bad. It’s about breaking free from the from these negative thoughts about food.

Do I believe that we should eat whole foods most of the time? Yes! Do I think we need to mindful of what we eat, how much, etc. Yes! But Thanksgiving is a holiday that comes once a year. It’s a time where we gather with friends and family and celebrate by enjoying a meal together.

I see these rules like, load up on vegetables, don’t eat the stuffing, and don’t put marshmallows on your sweet potatoes. Here’s the thing: you don’t eat like that every day. Do I think you should go wild and make yourself sick and miserable in the process? No. But you can enjoy stuffing and sweet potatoes with our without marshmallows on top and YES, please, enjoy dessert!

So here is the most important question I ask myself on Thanksgiving day: Is it worth it? I want everything I eat to be level 10 good!

Yep, I rate food on a scale of 1-10. 1 = I hate it! I’d rather eat dirt; and 10= Best food ever! So ask yourself, on a scale of 1-10, how much do you like that food. If it’s not high on the scale, ask “Is it worth it?”

For me, green bean casserole is like a 5/6 where my grandmother’s stuffing is a 10 (however other stuffing are like a 4). Pumpkin pie for me is a 10 where cheesecake is a 7/8.

Decide for yourself where you want to splurge.

And then, Friday, go back to eating like you normally do! Eat mostly whole foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water.

Remember, Thanksgiving is a Holi-DAY! Enjoy your day with family and friends and remember, it’s about more than just the food, but you’re allowed to enjoy the food too.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!





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