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10 Things to Journal About

Journaling is very helpful to a healthy mindset.  When I started really journaling, sometimes I struggled with what to write.


Here are some great things to journal about: 

1. Journal out the junk.  When you are stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, journal about it.  You will get relief from letting it out and not holding it in, and sometimes when you write it out things will become much more clear in your mind.

2. Flip NEGATIVES to POSITIVES.  When you are having negative thoughts, I suggest you immediately flip them in a journal.  DON’T write the negative thought, ONLY write out the EXACT OPPOSITE (switching it to a positive).  Write it out, read it, and say it out loud.  Then read your entry at a later time as well.

3.  Journal about your BIG DREAMS.  Don’t hold back.  Dream as big and possible, and feel how you would feel when all those dreams come true.

4. Write a letter to your FUTURE SELF.  Include what your life and business look like, where you live, how much money you have in the bank, the trip you have planned, how you spend your time, reflect on how far you have come, etc.

5.  Write a LOVE LETTER to yourself.  I learned this from Elizabeth Gilbert and I love this exercise.  It may sound silly, but it’s a great journal activity.

6.  Write out mantras/affirmations.  Write many or the same 5-10 over and over.  Read them, think them, and say them out loud.

7.  Write about what you are thankful for.  Gratitude changes your attitude!  Be specific.  “I am thankful for ____________, because ________, __________, and ________.

8.  Journal about your desires.  Write out what you truly want!  Materialistic or not.  Dig deep and just let it flow.  Nothing is too small, too big, too serious, or too silly.

9.  Journal what is amazing about yourself and things that you are proud of.  Include qualities or accomplishments.  Brag as much as you can or want to.

10.  Journal out your “bucket list,” it will be fun to look back on it later and see all the items you can cross off.

Hope that helps you get started, or make journaling a more regular thing in your life.



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