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Why “Diet” Is a 4-Letter Word

Think about how many diets you’ve been on.  Some of them may have been bad, some decent, and some even good—in theory. Perhaps you lost some weight, developed a new habit, or learned how to “treat your diet like a bank account.” You may have even lost some weight, temporarily.

But where are you now?

Hear me out, ladies: DIETS DO NOT WORK!


There’s no amount of points, frozen dinners, calorie-counting methods, fitness apps, or fat-free cookies in the world that will make you a health person. Why? Because “diets” don’t deal with your emotions.

So what is The Diet Break Up?

It’s a way of living: a diet for your mind, body, and soul that is focused on the best of the best. It means indulging in the best, healthiest foods, as well as the best, healthiest life. It’s about taking the time to think about what you’re putting into your body and making sure it will serve your health first and foremost. It’s about cooking a delicious, health meal, as opposed to heating up a diet pizza and drinking diet coke (hey, I’ve been there too). Its’ about paying attention to your emotions and figuring out why you ever ate those diet pizzas in the first place.


I want you to write down three things that immediately pop into your mind when you think of your experiences with dieting and weight loss:


Now, I want you to write down how you’d feel if you never had to think about your weight again:


Hold on to those last 3 feelings. They will guide you to where you want to be.

When you decide to Break Up with Dieting, you learn how to…

  • Celebrate yourself and your body.
  • Make your health a priority, always.
  • Love yourself, exactly as you are.

Are You Ready to Stop Dieting & Start Seeing Weight Loss Results????

It’s not about dieting. It’s about living a new lifestyle complete with proper nutrition, an exercise you’ll actually enjoy doing, and changing your mindset.

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