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You know that voice that just sneers at you when you look in the mirror, telling you that “you’ve turned into a frumpy stay-at-home mom who only wears yoga pants” or “that you should be working out at instead of binge-watching Netflix”?

Ya, she’s a total jerk! Ms. Negative Self-talk.


You know the craziest part? We often think that she’s just being honest.

Sure, there MAY be an ounce of truth to what she says, but there’s a big difference between facing the truth and grinding yourself down to a pulp. We’re strong women. We can take a little honesty. But resurfacing after getting a ‘smackdown’ like the ones listed in the first paragraph? That’s a heck of a lot harder to pull off.

And, isn’t there always two sides to any story anyways? Who’s to say that ‘Ms. negative self-talk’ is right all the time anyway? CERTAINLY NOT I!



What if we chose instead to look at the other side of the coin. For example: if you’re eating a cookie and wishing that you weren’t, what if you chose to ask yourself WHY as opposed to just assuming you’re a lazy, frumpy, couch potato?

A lot of times we’re simply not even conscious of why we make the decisions we make around food because rushed during meals.

BUT if you take a second to ask yourself WHY you’re elbows deep in a bag of potato chips or scarfing your sixth cookie, you may realize that you hear yourself say something like this…

I’m stressed at work because I’ve got sooo much on my plate…I’m coaching clients 1-1, I’m trying to launch a program, and I’m go through three additional programs that are keeping me up late at night and not allowing me to get a good night’s sleep…and these delicious foods give me a quick punch of energy and they’re just straight up comforting during ALL of this stress.”

Honest? Yes. Different tone of voice? Absolutely. Honest, constructive self-talk like the example above give you space to paint the picture of what’s really going on so you can step back and figure out the next action(s) to take so that you don’t feel badly about your choices around food at the next meal.


This voice lives within us – EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. The good news is, that when she rears her annoying little head, we’re also given the chance to silence her BECAUSE we’ve actively noticed her. And that really is the first step in in hushing her, so that the constructive self-talk can shine through and guide you.

This week, take a listen to what negative self-talks voice is saying to you? What’s her tone? What words does she choose to use? What’s her take on the world? Doing exactly that – LISTENING – is what we call mindfulness. Practice it and you will master it 🙂

Self Love (1)

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