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How to Eat Better (Part 2)

So last week, I started the conversation of what eating healthy really means. If you missed it, check it out here…




So I should eat fewer calories… but now I’m hungry all the time because I’ve cut half of what I used to eat in half. Now I’m cranky. And I want my cookies. And I want my ice cream, too.”

Although calorie restriction is a good start for losing weight, I believe that the quality of the calorie plays a big role too! (I touched on this a bit last week). Your body does not treat every calorie equally: eating a lot of vegetables, healthy fats, and protein will result in a different experience for your body compared to the equal amount of candy, pasta, cookies and cake.

For that reason, if you’re going to start eating fewer calories, you need to start consuming more filling foods that doesn’t have a ton of calories.

Foods like chicken, fish, and other lean protein sources (provided they aren’t breaded and deep fried) can help you feel full without increasing your caloric intake.

The same is true for vegetables: if you can LOAD up a plate with veggies and grilled chicken covered in salsa, I guarantee it will be a fraction of the calories compared to a big soda, french fries, a plate of pasta, chips, or candy. And you will actually feel satiated after!

There’s a method to the madness with this type of eating. We don’t LOVE counting calories, as it can cause us to get neurotic and freak out over every calorie we consume, though it’s a good place to start. So, instead, try to simplify things and put the focus on real food as a strategies to stay on track long term. Another reason why I love Beachbody nutrition guides! There’s more of a focus on eating the right kinds of foods to fuel your body so you feel full, satisfied, and lose weight. And if you’re using your portion control container, there’s no counting calories!



My head hurts! Eat less sugar, eat more fat. Vegetables are good. Too many crabs are bad. Eat less but not too much less. Just tell me what to do!”

First and foremost, don’t over-complicate things!!! Knock that off! All I want you to do is make small, DELIBERATE, sustainable changes to the way you eat:

  • Try to eat some more protein with each meal.

  • Vegetables are your friend! And no, corn does not count! (sorry!)

  • Fat is not the enemy! Liquid calories, and sugar in particular, are you enemy.

  • Make changes you can live with. Remember, this is a lifestyle change!

Remember, we are not trying to crash-diet our way into a bathing suit for a week. We want to make permanent changes that permanently change our relationship with food. We need to take care of ourselves—we need to eat more vegetables and protein because we now it makes us operate and function better.

I’m still on my journey! I’m not perfect! I have good days and bad days, but knowledge is power and I try my best every day to change the way I eat in order to be healthy! It’s not just about losing weight (although I want that too), but I want to be around for my kids. I want to set a good example for them when it comes to food. I want them to have a healthy relationship to food.

So, what’s next….

Need help getting started? Don’t do it alone! Having a coach has helped me get started, stay motivated, and have some accountability to make it happen. I’d love to be that coach for you!!!! I’d love to offer you a complementary consultation to see if we would be a good fit and to see if I can help you find a program that will work for you.

No matter what your situation, start today!!! Make one better decision. As you get better at understanding how to eat better, it becomes a habit. You start to change your life!

If you want a more specific instruction, check out my FREE 7-day Clean Eating Challenge or ask me about one of my Fit & Fabulous Challenge Groups where you’ll receive daily coaching, recipes, shopping list, nutrition guide, an exercise program to fit your needs and a daily dose of dense nutrition.

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