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My Triathlon: A Goal Achieved!


First of all, thank you to everyone who cheered me on, sent their best wishes and congratulated me on my Triathlon this past Sunday!  It really meant a lot to have your love and support.  I wanted to share a little with you about my journey to triathlon completion.

Seven years ago, I was part of a Spring Fitness Challenge with a group of women and they told me I should do the Mini HaHa Triathlon with them.  (This was 4 weeks before the race!).  I thought they were crazy!  I hadn’t swam in years, I didn’t even own a bike, and I HATED running!  But I signed up and went for it.  I ended up not doing the run and one of the other girls did the last leg of the race.  Remember, I hated running and I had a 3rd degree ankle sprain a few months earlier that kept me from really going for it.

Every year since, I’ve wanted to do the Mini Haha again.  All three disciplines!  I was pregnant, or too soon after giving birth on a couple of occasions…. but I always felt too overweight and out of shape to even try.


Last fall, I created a Dream Board.  I put on it some goals, hopes and dreams.  And guess what I put on there?  THIS Triathlon! I was determined to do it in 2015.  I had some set backs (and in the past, those set backs would have caused me to give up).  Lots of rain kept me from biking as much as I wanted.  Kids (enough said).  And 3 1/2 weeks before the race, I twisted my knee and ended up in a full leg splint for 7 days and a smaller brace after that.  The doctor said absolutely no running and I’d have to wait and see how my knee felt swimming and biking.

So 2 weeks before my race, I jumped back into the pool.  I had missed swimming!  And only 10 days before the race, I got back on my bike.  I felt strong enough to do both of those things and knew I’d probably have to walk the last leg of the race.


Come race day, I did far better I thought.  I finished in 1:35:05 and was 37th place in my age group/division.

My 5 year old asked me if I won the race.  I tell him YES!  I wasn’t the fastest women in my age group, but I wasn’t the slowest.  But I WON because I never gave up, I tried my best, and I accomplished a HUGE goal!!!




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