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How To Make New Habits Stick

We are creatures of habit. When we fail to achieve a long term goal, this is usually the reason. Our bodies are a direct result of the hundreds of tiny decisions and actions made repeatedly over the years. These tiny decisions have become automatic.

Your goal moving forward is to start building new tiny habits and replacing bad ones, until all of these new healthy decisions become automatic – simply who you are now.

Obviously this is easier said than done…but it’s far from impossible!

Here’s how you’re going to succeed: start small, win small.

Most people try to get healthy by changing everything drastically – they radically adjust their diet, force themselves to wake up two hours earlier, and start working out seven days a week. The first week always goes splendidly, but then everything falls apart, and it’s right back at square one.

Sound familiar?

It’s because willpower is a finite resource. Our bodies WANT to live a certain way (automatic decisions require less brain power), which means making any change will deplete effort. When we try to change too much too soon, our brains and bodies can get overwhelmed and shut down.

Instead of giant sweeping changes, pick goals and changes that are so easy, specific, and small that you can’t help but complete them!

YOUR FIRST QUEST: Find time to go for a 10 minute walk today, and repeat the process tomorrow.

YOUR SECOND QUEST: Take ONE step today to improve your diet.

YOUR DIET WILL ACCOUNT FOR 80% OF YOUR SUCCESS OR FAILURE when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape.

Remember, it’s a habit thing – your eating habits got you where you are today, which means only NEW eating habits will get you where you want to go

So, what’s one TINY change you can make today to start eating better? BE SPECIFIC:

  • Can you consume ONE less soda today than normal? Liquid calories are BRUTAL and should be eliminated as quickly as possible. Drink tea or black coffee for your caffeine fix instead.
  • Can you eat ONE less meal from a drive-through window this week?  Every meal counts.
  • Can you learn to cook just ONE Healthy Meal?

Just turn one routine diet habit into a slightly better choice. You don’t need me to tell you exact which one, we all know how to make a slightly healthier tweak.

Just for today. Just one tweak.




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