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My Triathlon Journey

Seven years ago, I participated in my first triathlon.  Well, 2/3 of it!  I was in a fitness group at the Rec Center and some of the other ladies in the group with me talked me into joining them on this Mini HaHa Triathlon.  I had a 3rd degree sprain on my ankle a few months before and I just couldn’t do the run.  But with only 4-5 weeks of training, I completed the swim and the bike ride and my friend finished up with a run.

I’ve wanted to do it again.  The whole thing!  But between having 2 kids and feeling very out of shape, I haven’t tried it until now.

I’m training for a triathlon in 9 1/2 weeks. I’m not in swim shape, I’m not a runner and I haven’t been on the bike yet. The old me would have been discouraged.

I won’t lie, I was dreading my run last night before I even walked out the front door, but I got out there and did it anyway.  The only way to improve is to do it.  I’m so excited for this masters swim club I found!  I really enjoy swimming (it’s just been a long time).  There are great coaches that will make sure I’m in swim shape before the June 14th race.  And once my bike is tuned up, I’m looking forward to getting on my bike again.

I know that in 9 1/2 weeks, I’ll be able to swim the 600 M in under 10 minutes, bike 12 miles and run a 5K. My body will be ready, and I will mentally focused and ready!




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